Leprino QLC cheese

anybody using this cheese ?
I may be trying some whole milk diced mozzarella in the QLC soon,

hey otis, I tried it for a while but I wasnt so impressed with the quality verses what I am using now…PLUS tempering was a pain and there was some instance where you could see some freezer burn so we switched back

what you using now ?


I’m using Saputo diced now, we love it

No reason not to try it…but, if I’m not mistaken, Leprino is the proud holder of the contract to provide cheese to Dominos. So if that’s the product, and not just one particular product, I’m guessing you won’t get the quality you’re looking for. Let us know, though…

As far as I know, Leprino sells Dominos, PJ’s and Pizza hut QLC mozzerella. They all use slightly different formulas, but they all have the same problem. Each piece of the QLC melts individually, and doesn’t melt together. If you buy a pizza from any one of the three, you will see what I’m talking about. Otis, don’t go from Grande(not as good as believed to be) to QLC in a matter of a year. You’re going from good to garbage in no time flat!

I’ve been using QLC for 10 years now. If you’re looking for a Grande clone, QLC is NOT it - you will be disappointed. The characteristics of the two brands are vastly different, but my main thing is delivery and QLC works great for that.

One of my suppliers tells me he uses Saputo (Gold, i think it is) to conduct “Grande Interventions” on new accounts. Have you given that brand a try?

I used it yrs ago, for TnB - was ok…tempering is a challenge for volume operations…but now DEMAND a diced product…

I understand that the Leprino QLC wm mozzarella comes in dice.
I buy from distributors from Phoenix, AZ, Shamrock and US Food. Neither has a wide selection of cheeses and I do not enough volume to order special for me, so I choose from what they have in stock…
the Sorrento diced wm is a proprietary order for another one of US Foods customers…
Roma does not have a rep here, although that is a possibility

…appreciate the feedback,

hey otis follow up I would like to know what you think as well after you have tried it, we load our pizzas up and I just couldnt get the cheese to melt together and get that great PULL!!!