Leprino vs. Grande???

We have a small pizza shop using a conveyor oven. Trying to decide between Leprino or Grande cheeses and what the differences are?

dog krap vs filet mignon

But seriously. Leprino is the frozen cheese that the big chains use for convenience and cost. Usually it is “pizza cheese” not mozzarella cheese. Grande is the most expensive production mozzarella sold in America. Its best selling feature in my opinion is how well it reheats, important if you are selling slices. Two very different products.

Grande. Invest in your product and your customer will invest in you.


Grande east coast blend babyyyyyyy

While you’re on the phone with Grande, ask them for a trial balloon of the fresh Mozzarella, Fleur De Latte, request the 4-ounce balls. It will come to you in a frozen brine pack, thaw it out in the cooler overnight, then drain it well and tear, or cut (I like to tear, actually, peel it, like an orange) and put the pieces on the pizza in a random manner, New York fashion. If you really want to take a walk on the wild side, replace that dried stuff, basil and oregano, with the real thing, green leaf basil and oregano. Make a blend of 2-parts fresh basil and 1-part fresh oregano, coarse chop this together and use on your pizzas. The best way to use it is to apply a light covering over the dough skin after you have given it a light brushing of olive oil, or a blended oil. Then apply slices of fresh tomato, followed by the peeled cheese pieces. Wonderful Pizza!!
If you aren’t into the fresh tomato slices and want to use a more traditional sauce, apply the chopped basil-oregano over the top of the sauce, then add the cheese. The fresh herbs change the entire complexion of the pizza.
Good luck, and whatever you do, remember to have fun doing it!
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I just switched off from USFoods/Saputo, which was good, back to a diced Sorrento - a brand I preferred yrs ago…man, what a difference!!! Improved the pie 200%…tho I’ve used Grande in the past, I’m glad I’m back on the Sorrento bandwagon…

one thing objectively different on the Grande wm diced mozzarella that I use is that there is no cellulose added to contend with. all other cheeses I have used have had it, some alot, as much cellulose as cheese when getting near the container bottom
Grande has some clumping, but not a problem…I keep in the chilled part of the prep table, that helps,

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