Let's be professional please

This post if for the person/persons who just called our office pretending to be Bank of America, asking about CardSystems Solutions/Pay by Touch. First of all, CardSystems Solutions no longer exists, they were a processor that suffered a breach in late 2004. We (Card Solutions Inc.) are not a processor and have never been affiliated with CardSystems Solutions in any way. Your attempt to disparage our company by connecting us to them because of the similarity of our name is beyond unprofessional. Get a grip on reality folks, if you are doing your job and providing the best rates and the best service then I wouldn’t be able to come in and take your customers from you. The reason I know you aren’t Bank of America is that we write for them and they know who are.

I apologize to all the TT members for addressing this via the forum, I knew when I started this Interchange Education task, there was the possibility of push back from other vendors, but this is ridiculous.


That’s crazy. I appreciate your learned contributions and hope you are not dissuaded from contributing in the future.

Don’t stop what you’re doing Diana. An informed consumer is the best thing any market could have, IF they are honest and worthy of our business!

Thanks for the support everyone! My blood pressure has finally gone back to normal after yesterday’s incident. I have no intention of changing anything I am doing.