Lets discuss pepperoni and mushrooms

I’ve used canned mushrooms for 17 years and I remember 1 lady asking if they were canned or fresh.

Canned mushrooms are easy. No prep work.

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Good Guess, but it was actually DeMarini’s on Wentworth & Potter, (up the hill from the coast guard station) it was also known as Mama DeMarinis for the last decade or so. The only court case I know of that was about Italian Sausage and who had the original recipe. The Caradaro Club also used canned exclusively, they were out in Muskego for a while, then they changed names and went to 35th & Oklahoma, Ingrilli’s also used canned shrooms, heck, up until the 1990’s, every pizza place i can think of in or around Milwaukee used canned
I spent 20 years trying to duplicate the Sausage that DeMarinis made, I have a very similar sausage but not exactly, I’m still trying though.

like anything else it all depends on your market TODAY. We have been arounf for over 35 yrs and used canned for the first 15yrs. As our community became more health conscious the canned vs fresh questions came in and we made the switch 20yrs ago and have never looked back. Go through approx 50lbs a week that we rinse off and just throw in the Robot Coupe and they are sliced in 10minutes with very little prep to our specific thickness.

As far as pepperoni goes I tried an awesome Fontanini Old World Pepperoni that was great but too expensive.

Nothing beats a Pep & Shroom(Fresh) Pie…my personal fav!

Unless you add green & black olives to it,
that’s my go-to salt bomb pizza at the end of a particularly hot day where we sweat a few pounds of body weight off in an evening