Lets Talk Cheese

I am rethinking the cheese that I am currently using. Currently a Mozzerella/Munster Mix about 90/10 on the mix there. What do you guys use and what is really popular right now. I am looking for a good cheese mix to make mouth watering pizza.

what’s the name of your shop dark, I will swing by and have a pie.

I dont work in a pizza place, but i’ve been making a lot of my own pizzas and strombolis…so far i like whole milk, low moisture mozz., combined with smoked provolone (prob like 80/20) the best. Can’t think of the brands off the top of my head. Can’t say i’ve even thought about munster, but i just started making pizzas last november.

I love the 50/50 blend of mozz prov, butter flavor, great pull and wow you can really smell the prov…

B4 others pipe in…If you don’t use Grande, your DOOMED!

not necessarily, dominoes doesnt use Grande and they are making money.

yeah - but think how much more they make if they were using grande! - they’d only have to use a fraction of the cheese they currently use as it covers so much better and the taste profile would be loads better and don’t forget the marketing support is… sorry don’t know what came over me then I had a grande moment… :slight_smile:

We use a 2/1 mix of Mozz and Monterey Jack.

I mentioned this in another thread but I went to the Expo last month in Vegas with zero bias (other than ovens)…I did not know one chesse maker from the next and had no idea who was supposed to be better. After trying all that I could Grande in my opinion cleary stood out in taste and texture. I very much like the mozz/pro blend. I only mention this becasue again Kraft could have been king in the indusrty for all I knew. I will be using Grande in my shop.

Think how much they could save by being able to just put 4 ounces of cheese on a 14" pizza! Oh wait, they already do that with thier Leprino cheese.

If you hadn’t eaten an ounce of cheese at expo you should have still been able to tell that Grande prides itself as being the most expensive cheese. Their booth, their placement, their uniforms, the music they played ect ect all should have lead to that impression.

who knows…maybe…but what I am sure of and with no doubt is that I did try theirs and all others and it simply was the best…

I must ask why the grudge for Grande…I mean from someone who had no ax to grind and was not pre lead like sheep…I went there and it tried all the cheese I could and for me it was the best. …I would think this might open a few eyes of those who do have a bias that just maybe it is is better…

No real ax to grind with Grande, I just don’t think thats its a superior product and certainly not worth paying 40% more for. My use of it didn’t show that it yielded more so the idea of spending an extra $83,000 for a cheese that I don’t believe cooks in my ovens as well and doesn’t have a superior flavor just seems retarded to me. If you believe that it cooks better and/or tastes better, then by all means use it. It’s just not worth it to me. But don’t think that the quarter of a million dollar booth at Expo didn’t help your opinion of their product.

The other reason for disliking Grande is the post here on the TT that is from someone who obviously has a financial stake in pushing it representing themselves as user. Gets old after a while.

I have to say…the booth meant nothing to me…there were plenty of good looking booths with forgettable product…

Wow had no idea that this topic would bring up this much debate lol. I have used the Grande cheese and yeah it is great but I have to think of Food cost alot right now with this economy. I make alot of my own cheese blends. I buy block cheese and then grind it up to small pellets for easy melting, just doesn’t do the stringy quality with it but makes for great melting.

I am mainly seeing what kind of blends people use not so much the brand. I find the fresh grated stuff tastes better than packaged cheese blends. So far I have heard of these any others?

Mozz/Munster - 9/1 mix
Mozz/Prov - 1/1 mix (seems to be the most pop)
Mozz/Mont Jack - 2/1 mix
Mozz/Smoked Prov - 4/1 mix

What do you guys think of a mix of 50% Mozz, 30% Prov, 10% Cheddar, 10% Munster

We use a blend of 75% Mozza and 25% Jack, our customers love it and we are the only shop in town who blends cheese, eveyone else uses 100% mozza.

I am thinking about 80/20 blend mozz-provo…I liked the 50/50 blend but wife thinks it might be to much for some…

I use the 50/50 blend from Grande. They also have a Chedder blend that we use a little of that is 80/10/10, my personal favorite.