Lets talk deep dish pans...

Ok let me hear it guys? Girls?.. Deep dish pans… I will be making a Malnati’s type crust… a little buttery and flakey with a big outer lip and not too thick in the middle. Anyone know what pans Lou’s is actually using? They all look so seasoned that I think they might be tin but I am not sure. Tin is cheap but seem like a lot of work to season and keep up. Who is using what and how’s it working for you? Give me an earfull! Thanks.

Good morning.
Anodized aluminum is generally the best. We don’t list them on our site but can get them if you’re interested. Most people do not want to pay the extra money for anodized. Owners tell me that if you season the standard aluminum pans and are hand washing them they will be great. Some restaurants put them through the dish machine which will wear on the metal over time, so that is a choice you can make based on what is more cost effective for you. Let me know if you’d like to check out our selection and I can steer you in the right direction.

Hi Qcfmike

Give me you address and I will send you a sample of a very fine pan that is not as costly as most. Tell me what size you want.

George Mills ***pizzaovens@aol.com

These pans are absolutely great. They come seasoned and theyre nicely stackable for easy storage.


Holy sh** thats pricey for pans. we pay 5.5 for 12’s 7.45 for 15’s and like 11 something for 18’s

and then seperators are like 2 bucks 4 bucks and 7 bucks for those sizes and thats threw bargreen ellingston

Hi Jokergerm

I think two entirely different type pans are being discussed, the other style pans do not use covers as they stack one on top of another without contacting the product inside.That type pan can be had for a bit more than you mention bur also for less than the price you were comparing to.

Apparently many operators prefer the self stacking pans as there is no hassle looking for lids. There probably are also good reasons for using the pans you prefer.

George Mills