lets talk dough retarders for the line.

Tell me what you guys do to keep your dough on the line under refrigeration.
I am expanding my pizza place and want to have the dough next to the docking station on the line. Presently we just pull a tray of dough out of the walk in/use said dough/and repeat. Are there dough retarders that can hold dough boxes? Or just those little aluminum dough pans? I plan on doing about 150 pies a day and going in/out of the walk in all day doesnt seem logical. So the question is…are there refrigerators that will hold a stack of 25 dough trays vertically? Do the dough retarders with the docking station on top hold dough boxes?

Thoughts/what do you guys do?

Gee, I really need to slow down my reading. I initially got a totally different take on the subject line. :smiley: :smiley:
Been one of those weeks.

I would look at a one or two door roll-in cooler, depending on how much space you have. A single door would probably be more than enough. Just roll in a stack of dough boxes on the dolly and pull them out as you need them.

Does anyone use a upright cooler to proof your dough in if you don’t have a walk in cooler?

Hi mike there are work top refrigerators that can accommodate 18 X 26 pan Racks But I know of none that will hold other size pans If you are using that size dough box you could use that item.

George Mills