Let's talk Flour

Yeah I know there is probally other threads out there for this too but I wanted to open discussion to see what kind of flours you guys are using out there. I am tired of what I am using, its almost an all purpose flour and I want something that is going to make a more tasty dough. I would like one that is good for both Neopolitan and deep dish style. I just would like a nice flour that will make a great pie.

What brands are good, what should I stay away from and what is affordible?

Here is a link to a thread not too long ago. Quite honestly, find any article or thread that involves Tom Lehmann. He is a true treasure trove of flour and baking knowledge. He has the chops.

http://www.pmq.com/tt/viewtopic.php?t=6 … ight=flour

Others here have earned their chops as well and will sing out. Basically, you need 12%+ flour, and how much protein is dictated by the style of crust.

It would appear that a high gluten would be your best bet since you get the thin crust best with the high gluten pizza flour like All Trumps (just an example), and you can modify the recipe a little to get to the thicker crust, by relaxing or counteracting some of the strong gluten. Anyone got some real info to cover my WAG o this?

A really good flour that works well for both thin and thick crusts should have about 12 to 12.8% protein content. Translated into brand names this would translate to Minot Milling’s Prarie Rose Flour (13%) or Prarie Best Flour 12.5%); in the General Mills line there is Rex Royal, Full Strength,Washburn’s, Superlative and High Power, all coming in at between 12.4 and 13% protein content (Full Strength is on of my personal favorites in this line-up. Others brands include Pendleton Mills Morbread (12%), Mondako (12%), and Cargill’s Progressive Baker Qualitate and possibly Progressive Baker Spring King at 13 to 13.3% protein content. The thing about bag flour is that in most cases, the supplier has little knowledge of the flour itself, but they do have great cross references to the different brand names, so, if you go to a flour supplier with any brand name (I like to call it the “bag name”) they will be able to provide you with a comparable product in their line.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks for the info. I will try to talk to flour suppliers and see what they say and what they have to offer. with that info I feel a little more like I know what I’m looking for.