Letting an employee go

I’m letting my manager go today. He’s been with me 2 years. What should I be worried about?


Change locks, remove his/her alarm code. If they have remote access to POS or security cameras, change passwords. Explain to staff why the manager was terminated in general terms, no specifics and don’t try to make the manager look terrible in the staffs eyes. If manager is upset over being fired, keep your eye on social media and review sites for bad or overblown stories about your restaurant. To try to minimize the managers emotional response to the situation, be as professional as possible.

Well sorry to hear that. I hope it wasn’t too hard of a decision. Agree with @paul7979 and if there wasn’t a fall out, just assure the guy that you’ll be a good reference for him. At least this will minimize any weird things he / she might do and it will help the person get on their feet quicker. Scheduling hourly workers can be a little tricky to manage. Hope you guys break ties on good terms.

Pay them what they are owed on their last day by check. Don’t wait for the next pay day. Include any vacation pay due. Thank them for working there and “sorry it did not work out”. Paul is right, they can do more harm on social media and reviews than any satisfaction from telling them off is worth.

Everything that was said. However, I would add the following. Off premise, not at the restaurant. I would also include a ‘goodwill’ bonus if the fired person was not caught in outright criminal or wrongdoing. Like, I’m sorry but we have to part ways–here is a little extra to help see you through. Might just stop the ‘bad & ill’ feelings from escalating.