Liab.& non-owned auto (deliv) renewal: what's reasonable?

Not sure my agent is searching for the best deal so I wanted to see what you all out there are paying and with whom. For comparison’s sake, let’s say about 500k sales, 100k deliv and .9% alcohol sales? $2mil. aggregate. This adds up to about 11k combined premium in Calif. via Amwins.

I pay half of that through State Farm in California. 3 locations 7 years in business with no accidents.

Just to be clear; I pay about $5500 for the Bus Liab policy, and about $5500 for the non-owned auto policy. When you say half, do you mean $2500 for the delivery/non-owned auto? Or $5500 for both combined?

I pay about 5k for bus liability and 1200 for non owned.

Interesting, I’ll have to look into that with State Farm.