Liab.& non-owned auto (deliv) renewal: what's reasonable?

Not sure my agent is searching for the best deal so I wanted to see what you all out there are paying and with whom. For comparison’s sake, let’s say about 500k sales, 100k deliv and .9% alcohol sales? $2mil. aggregate. This adds up to about 11k combined premium in Calif. via Amwins.

I pay half of that through State Farm in California. 3 locations 7 years in business with no accidents.

Just to be clear; I pay about $5500 for the Bus Liab policy, and about $5500 for the non-owned auto policy. When you say half, do you mean $2500 for the delivery/non-owned auto? Or $5500 for both combined?

I pay about 5k for bus liability and 1200 for non owned.

Interesting, I’ll have to look into that with State Farm.

I’m in Florida. Be thankful if you aren’t. On about 4 mil in sales across multiple locations. 2.5 mil delivery. Premium is at 100k this year. There are 2 companies writing policies in Florida right now. If it goes up anymore I’m switching all mine to third party.