Licensed Cartoons Corp

A guy stopped in with a brochure from Licensed Cartoons Corp, offering to do a “Joint Venture Partnership”, where we hand out fliers or whatever, and when a customer makes an order, we get 10%. While it sounds like a good and easy deal, that’s the problem.

I’m really suspicious of anyone who markets Disney stuff, anything with a Disney-owned connection, whether picture, character, name, song, whatever. This seems to have copyright infringement written all over it, but I simply don’t know.

Has anyone else experienced this company?


Never had any interaction with them whatsoever. That being said, in less than 5 minutes I found a couple of things that to me (be they fair or not) raised flags and would tell me to stay clear.

  1. Exactly as you said, way too easy and too good to be true.
  2. WHOIS on Domain shows it was created on Feb 14, 2013. Less than a year old, always makes me a little leary as it is new.
  3. WHOIS shows the owner as Amete Darvish, with admin contact using a hotmail e-mail address. Doesn’t come off as professional to me.
  4. Google search of Amete Darvish comes up with this Facebook page, using the same url as his e-mail address so it is definitely the same individual.
    Perhaps it is wrong to generate opinions about a business or company based on a personal page, but when a “professional company”, but it does not strike me as the owner of a company whom is associated with Disney.

Need something more concrete? A continued search of the name pulls him up as the president of a company called “Characters Club Corp” ( … 76106.aspx[/url]). Queue a warning complaint listed on Ripoff report ([url=] … nia-904388[/url]) An LA BBB report with advertising / sales issues ([url=] … #breakdown[/url]), and a site of similiar design ([url=] and disclaimer at the bottom: (Copyright © 2010 All Names, Logos & Characters Shown in our website are properties of their respective owners. All rights reserved
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All Names, Logos in our website are properties of their respective owners. All rights reserved
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I am sure I could pull up even more information if I continued the search, but I think the aforementioned is more than sufficient information to encourage you to follow your gut and stay away :slight_smile:

I did not go the WHOIS route, but thanks for checking it. I did check thd BBB with no reports under the mist recent name, at least.

The guy came back, I told him no thanks.

Nick, I appreciate your help.