Life after Q-Matic ovens

We’ve been using Q-MATIC ovens, both 55’s and 80’s, in our three outlets. They were like a God send when installed over 20 years ago. Business increased as did our capacity when they were installed. We loved the way they worked quietly and emitted minimal residual heat.
Problem is the company folded, partstown carried parts for about three years, and boneyard parts have all but dried up.
My question is basically to other owner / operators of Q-Matic 55 /80 is there another conveyor oven that can replicate the bake of a Q-Matic.

I’ve never even heard of this oven brand but we’ve been very happy with our edge ovens since 2013

Where are you located? We have 2 55’s and 3 80’s that we are going to be selling here in the next few weeks along with a range of spare parts.

I believe this was the company that was started by one man and his wife. I bought one but it was a little complicated for some or many operators. The man who started it drowned in a pond or something behind his house. His wife tried to take it over and continue business but it flamed out. Nice people.

We used Q55/Q80’s in two of our locations since the 1980’s as well. We love them as they gave our product that perfect bake. I had a garage FULL of parts but they all ran out. Burner rebuild kits are what we needed and those dried up. We had an old contact from Q-Matic- Frank the guy who built them and he could get us parts, one day he stopped taking calls. We went with Edge Ovens. After playing with it trying to get the right configuration with the fingers etc it works well and actually gives us a better bake- at least the customers said it totally enhanced our product. For the price and the 5 year warranty you couldn’t beat it. Also- our gas bill dropped by 75%!