Light or heavy ceiling tiles?

My architect has recommended these ceiling tiles.

They weigh about 2.7 lbs each. She advises the low weight tile for easy removal for cleaning.

My builder recommends vinyl covered gypsum. He says that a heavier tile is desired, because commercial kitchen cleaners want to clean in place and they need the weight to keep the tile in place while they are cleaned from below.

What are your recommendations?

Never had to have ceiling tiles cleaned. Most grease is caught by our Hood. Our fryer, however, is a self contained unit so there isn’t any grease that leaves that unit

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I have the gypsum 2×2 and I’m not familiar with those titles.

I previously had 2×4 light weight, fiberglass backed tiles. On a breezy day they would lift up into the ceiling when the door was opened. I had to install clips to secure them in place. They were a terrible product.

I would check the costs of both but the gypsum is a good solid proven product.

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We have the gypsum also. My engineer designed our newest location with the light weight Armstrong ones but the health department refused to approve them stating that they were not sturdy enough for regular cleaning. We needed the light weight ones because the joist on the roof were not strong enough to support the load of the gypsum. It ended up costing us an extra 50K in roof support. Thanks a lot health department.

Ouch. What a load of crap

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thanks for this thread…its been about 15yrs since I installed those heavy gypsum tiles and I am due for a cleaning. Instead I checked out those lighter ones and they are much lighter and easier to work with. Cost me $8/ea so figure it is worth $500 to not scrub all those tiles and all I have to do is spray paint the grid. I was afraid they would be too light but they are more than heavy enough to not lift