Lighted car top sign for delivery

Any input welcome, lighted or not ? Name of company that makes them ?

Cassel Promotions

If you order lighted, try to get them to upgrade you to LED for free

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Get the LED signs

Lighted signs are very nice (when drivers bother to plug them in, or if you get the battery powered LED signs getting the drivers to charge them overnight). I forget who i ordered my toppers from previously, it was one of the two links posted here above. I buy the larger versions because they are built like tanks and provide a more visible surface as compared to the smaller ones.

If I’m correct, the battery powered ones only last 6 hours? So your daylight driver is dead by 5ish. We wanted to use these ones but decided in keeping the plugs with LED light kit since we didn’t trust anyone to charge them

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I got some lighted signs that had a flourescent tube in them, they sucked in cold weather, I went to an automotive store and got clear LED accessory plow lights that flash, they already have the 12V adapter on them too.
Something like these, but plug and play

I use the cabbie ones. I have used the led battery ones for a few years but I’m reverting back to the plug in ones now. They are too dim and too costly.