Limited Concession Space

We are looking to add personal size thin crust pizza to our already small concession area. We are very limited with space and are considering using a heated dough press with the Equipex PZ 660 stack-able ovens and frozen balls. Due to the space with are limited in producing a hand made gourmet product but we do want to get as close as possible. Any tips or ideas on dough and equipment would be greatly appreciated. Wall Street Area, NY

I would skip the dough press…you can learn how to toss quickly with a bit of practice…especially if only doing a 12’ pie…

I have one of their ovens…cooks great for what it is…only gripe I have is when you use the top halogen lites, it shuts off the whole unit, if I recall correctly…I wish it had a different timer set-up (mine is just the single size tho)

It does emulate a deck oven (in mini form) quite nicely, for a low volume operation…

If you have have the power, Peerless Oven Co. made a QuartzRay oven - similar, but bigger…stone deck & programmable…you can still see ;em on ebay from time 2 time…

Hi Chicken:

Sorry I am not familiar with the oven you propose to use.

I checked their literature and it appears to be as good as any small oven.

When you say concession stand is that an indoor or outdoor situation? If indoor best check with building, Health, and fire marshal. As to ventilation etc. The code calls for any devise that can raise the temperature of product over 220 degrees to be under a hood.

Some jurisdictions will let small units be used without ventilation but some will not. Best to know before you buy any unit. Do not depend on what a manufacturer states.

George Mills

We use Castle-Comstock propane gas ovens for our smaller events. Peerless is another smaller oven. Just compare the stone sizes of the 2 relative to your pizza size when making your decision. Don’t believe the Peerless literature about 4 or 5 stone shelves for cooking-unless your using par-baked crusts. We use 2 stones in our oven. Bottom for crispy crust, top for browning toppings and preheating before going on the bottom shelf.

We have had 3 of the ovens in our trailer vented with class B piping but no hood. Never a problem in 20 years with the Fire department as there is no open flame. As George said, some jurisdictions have tighter regulations.