Linc Impinger 1301-8 Anyone have one?

Found a pretty good deal on one nearby.It’s a 2004 model but it is electric,which I was told was way more money to use.I wanted to get a smaller conveyor so I could use it for a bun toaster, and in the summer take it with me to the local summer festival.(would they have the power on hand To run one of these?)
Was also wondering if this would be large enough for me to do a Soft start up of maybe $2K a week in sales?Would be my main oven.
Thanks as always.


Let me tell you something about those electric countertop ovens:

A friend of mine opened a pizza store in Hicktown, USA. He didn’t have too much money to get started so he got a couple of those ovens in his used equipment package for the store. No big deal, he figured he’d do about $4k a week and had a doublestack so he’d be okay.

Well, apparently Hicktown, USA liked the idea of having a newer pizza restaurant in their town and flocked to his store in droves the first month or two. His little countertop ovens that he was counting on for $4k a week were now forced to shell out pizzas in a store averaging almost $10k a week. No problems, the ovens did fine. -J_r0kk

I love happy endings. :smiley:

Oh yeah. My bad…

And they all lived happily ever after. -J_r0kk

off 2 little oven he did 10K?How were his utility bills?

I’m not sure. I CAN tell you, though, that two Lincoln Impinger 1100 series ovens are in one store averaging just above $8k per week help the electic bill climb up to around $800/month.

I’ve got Middleby Marshall gas ovens in my store and my electric bill is around $350/month, with my gas bill right behind it at around $300.

I wouldn’t worry about the electricity usage of the 1301, it won’t be too high. I would worry about the capacity, especially if you have just one. What happens when someone orders 5 large pizzas for a birthday party and you get two other 2 pizza orders. Youre now looking at loading 40 minute old pizzas.

Jrock $650/month utilities? I’m paying $2200-$2500 for gas, water and electricity.

Jrock $650/month utilities? I’m paying $2200-$2500 for gas, water and electricity.

Stop rubbin ya damned $20 grand/week in my face damnit. I’ll catch up with your arse soon! LOL. Also, I only have 985 square feet of space, and I’m only open till 10 on weekdays, 11 on weekends. Late night bar crowd? Nah, I’ll pass.

I have one that I used in my sports bar and we ran all kinds of things through it, including pizza, and it did a great job. I was always surprised at how well it kept up, with a double stack I am sure you could do quite a bit of pizza through it.

I have a double stack in one store, and a triple stack in another. They are great for lower volume stores. The 16" pizza capacity on one oven is about 20 pizzas per hour, upwards to 40 ~ 8" pizzas per hour. It just depends on your product mix.

I have one store in Idaho that is 2000 sq. ft. I pay $100 a month rent. Electric runs about $600/mo, and water, sewer, & garbage are $50.00/mo.
My overhead is only about $800/mo.

I am in a small town of about 2400 people, and I am currently doing about $5,000 a week. Do the numbers!!! High volume in the big city used to be fun, but now low volume in the country is more profitable.