Lincoln 1000 cooks hot in the back

I Have a Lincoln 1000. I guess made in the 90’s. I have had it for 1 year. It runs good, and if it broke down, my service guy can fix anything. The problem is that it cooks about 15 degrees hotter at about the last 8 inches in the back. It doesn’t sound like much, but at 8 minute cook time, it matters. My service guy does not know why? does anyone have any info on why or know someone I could call. I called wellbuilt twice.

Is the back not used as much as the front? Maybe you have some fingers clogged up from bread crumbs, burnt cheese etc. Just a guess.

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I dont use the back as much only because it over cooks(slightly).

I have cleaned the oven fingers multiple times since I have had it.

Well built told me to move the finishing finger to the 3rd spot.

I have not tried that yet.

I figured out why it was cooking hotter in the back. In the main base of the finger there is a baffle that splits half the air to the front and half to the back.

Well the only top finger I had open, The baffle bent in a way that sent 75% to the back and 25% to the front. Probably the previous owners like to cook heavily topped pizzas in the back.

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