Lincoln 1000 keeps dieing

Have a lincoln 1000 series oven that will kick off, and not come back on until it cools down. Every once in a while, you can get lucky, and get it restarted, but usually it will have to have a complete cooldown before the burner will kick on again. Happens almost once or twice every day. Have had two different repair guys out and neither of them can fix the problem. Anyone have a similar problem with these ovens? Can anyone suggest what parts I might be able to replace, or have a big sledge hammer i can borrow to fix the problem once and for all?

Sounds like a bad thermostat!

I’m NOT an oven guy. I don’t claim to be and my ideas about oven repair are completely 1st grade level, but…

Isn’t there a safety switch on those ovens where, when you have too much current running through there it shuts them down? I think most ovens have that switch. So, anyway, it might be that or something not grounding properly, causing it to amp up and throw the switch. -J_r0kk

sounds like the flex-capacitor is going

sounds like the flex-capacitor is going

You know, I didn’t think about that. I think Marty’s onto something there. Maybe there’s an extension cord laying around that we can attach to a clock tower to get those ovens jump-started.

Do these ovens have a temp control module on them? Is the blower fan that keeps this module cool working correctly?

I don’t use lincolns but most gas appliances have what is called a high limit thermostat, it sounds like yours is bad. The part is there to keep the appliance from overheating and starting a fire. When I punched it into a web search (think tank doesn’t allow me to post the site) never did business with them, it shows a lincoln high limit themostat, but doesn’t mention if it is for your model. Good luck.

check the main blower mtr. may need to be replaced or repaired.

get your oven serviced on a regular basis - whilst it may sound a lot of money its says you in the long run.

You have to get her to 80 miles an hour at the exact time you throw the switch or it never works. Didn’t you see the movie man? Geeez


Don’t have same model, but my oven did the same. It was a fan that cools the main blower. When the blower overheated, it would shut the oven down as safety measur. All it took is cleaning the little fan motor (and $1700 bill from the techs who couldn’t find it and replaced every control module there is) Start with the small things, and clean your fans regularly

Oh come on. You are going to give someone a hard time about not seeing the movie, and then not get the speed right? It is 88 miles an hour :slight_smile:


But if he were in Canada he would have to hit the switch at 140 kilometers per hour.

I had exact same problem with my lincoln 1000 last year and looked up invoice. This is what I had done: “removed burner assembly and cleaned pilot orifice, main orifice, and sensor, and replaced ignition module.” Total parts and labor $364


THAT is what make the Think Tank a powerful resource to pizza people. Many, many thanks, PZ. Jump right on in with the “power answer” :smiley:

And when you do this buy 2 of whatever parts needed. Occasionally it’ll take a week or so to scrounge up the parts. That way down the road you’ll be prepared. We actually have almost all the guts for a Lincoln 1600. But when you’ve got 7 of them, you can’t lose one over the weekend because you don’t got parts.

Just had the same problem the last couple nights. My Main blower fan that blows to the fingers just stopped??? I shut it down and about 10 min later the fan kicked back on for cool down. after fully cooled down I turned it on and it worked fine the rest of night. next day…happened twice and the second time fan wouldn’t come back on…err.

did you find the problem with your 1000’s?

FYI to all----> site below is a great…prices seem to be good too. I bought a blower motor fan blade before from them and the factory 3 blade was over $400. they had an optional 4 blade for less than half the price. the specs were the same as far as pushing air. it was stainless and welded…not riveted like the factory ones that fail. one benefit was that the oven was noticeably quieter than 3 blade.

click on the “free online parts catalog and manuals” on the upper center of page.