Lincoln 1000 pizza oven buzzing/not working prop.

There is a part in the “brains” of the oevn that keeps buzzing, not all the time but mostly. I know what part it is but have no idea what it does. Also our blower will not turn off, runs all night. Also, it occaionally stops heating. Also, the very right side of the oven does not cook properly…I was wondering if there is a online manual or reference to look at.

Hey which westsidepizza is this??

My oven does the same thing, it buzzes randomly.

As far as the oven blower not turning off, have you checked the switch contacts try taking the blower switch out of the oven see if it turns off.

other wise it sounds like a control board issue with the oven not thinking its getting cool enough to turn off.

My oven used to randomly stop heating, it was the thermo coupler thingy, call todd at FSE he has them for like 85 bucks, they take 5 mintues to install, i think jason has the number for the guy.


Westside pizza.

My MM kept making a buzzing sound every time the blower went on. It ended up being a bad solenoid. What the oven guy told me is they can go on buzzing for a long time before doing anything, but once it goes out, the oven is done until you get it replaced.

Every once in awhile, the main burner gas valve in my impinger 1400 will buzz, but it usually quiets back down fairly quickly. I assume this is normal, its done it ever since we’ve had it. Its usually silent, but every once in awhile when the burner kicks in, it will buzz until it kicks back out.

As for the blower staying on, are you referring to the blower in the oven itself or the little fans on the back of the control cabinet?

Here is where i go for manuals and whatnot: … nloads.xsl

Hi Westside:

There are many good estimates of your problems above and there can be some other sources of your problems.

Best you get a competent service man in to get your oven working properly. It must be effecting your pizza production and you cant let that go on.

Some problems are easy to solve It appears your oven may have several components malfunctioning. in this case I don’t think trying to solve them your self is the way to go.

George Mills

My lincoln was doing the same thing for about 3 months then it started varying the oven temp. I had to replace the soleniod inside the control box that is attached to the gas line! it was real easy to fix disconnect the gas line remove soleniod/replace with new then reinstal gas line took 10 minutes a screww drive to take control cover off and 2 pipe wrenches. If you have done any gas line hook up at home or around the shop won’t be any harder. They wanted $55 for the part but $250 to install after drive time. It is real easy access and not much dirt so can do it right before opening.