Lincoln 1116's

Considering purchasing a doublestack of what appear to be the original design Lincoln 1116 ovens. However, I came across a thread here in the forum, that suggests that this design is flawed and potentially problematic. (See link below)

Excerpt from PizzaGuy99’s post:

“Lincoln’s designer of the first generation should have been “shot” instead he actually patented the design. This design is great if you are only operating a single oven design(still sold labeled “Express Oven”, must be wanting to get rid of Old stock). When they are stacked (double or triple) there is no clearance to allow the bottom oven’s heat and rising grease vapors to escape. Instead they coat and cook the oven above it’s controls. This problem is evident in ALL of the low profile “first” generation ovens (1100 and 1600 series).”

Please see photo indicating placement of controls below. My question is, how big of a problem is this? Would you recommend purchasing the ovens or not? Thanks.

Never used those ovens before, but with all my experience with MMs that is a horrible placement of the controls and yes grease and heat buildup on the 2nd and third decks would definitely be a problem.

I would personally stay away from those ovens.

I agree with the 2 answers above.
George Mills

I had a double stack Lincoln 1000’s , worked all right except for needing frequent expensive repairs. The oven you are looking at look to be in far worse shape and much older. Do yourself a big favor and steer clear , you will find your repair bills could have purchased a far better oven.

Thank you all so much. Merry Christmas!