Lincoln 1130 ovens

anybody using these ovens, i currently use the 1000’s in my first store but looking into opening a second store in a smaller market and found a pair of 1130’s that are like new for less than $3,000. I talked to Lincoln and they say they can cook 29 14" pizzas an hour but just thought someone here would know better if they truly work for a pizzeria. expecting to do about 35,000 gross sales a month at the new store. thanks in advance

1130’s… are those the countertop ovens? I know the 1140 series ovens VERY well (I’ve had a couple in one of the stores). If that’s what you’re talking about here’s a little info:

The bake is fantastic (500 degrees @ 5 1/2 minutes). 29 pie hours are a little misleading because i think that’s 29 10" pizzas per hour. For a product mix of 10’s, 12’s, 14’s, and 16’s, you’re actually looking at around 21-23 pies per hour.

A double-stack can handle somewhere around a $6000-$7500 week. However, if you’re doing $7,500 you’ll constantly find yourself backing the ovens down on busier nights.

A triple-stack can handle around $12,000 - $15,000 pretty comfortably. Most times you’ll only have the bottom oven on on your busier nights ($2,500 or more).

Unfortunately, there is no middle ground between the 1140 series ovens and the Lincoln 1000’s. It’s either one or the other. You’ve just got to make your pick and go with it.

By the way… $3,000 each for 1140 series ovens is a steal! Jump all over it. The going rate for used is around $3,500 - $4,500 each. Hopes this helps. -J_r0kk

the 1130’s have a 18 inch wide belt and are a single phase electric oven. They probably could be put on a counter top however these are on a cart and stacked one on top of the other. I think they will work for what I need at opening. Thanks For your response