Lincoln 1130

Is this oven (2 stack) enough to start a shop?

Depends how much business you expect. Have you checked the output versus your needs?

Starting from zero. Max 30k mo. This oven is cheap with self contained hood. $4500 Just the hood system in Ca is 15k installed. I could go for bigger oven later if things workout for me. Trying to minimize the risk here and also do not want to get in unprepared.

How many pizzas of what size per hour top capacity does that translate to in your market? Is it okay to be a little slower on the production during your peak hours?

Also, I have been impressed with the XLT ovens and they will cost you less than the Lincolns. Or do you already have access to a used Lincoln?

Not to be overlooked, you can do a triple stack of the 1130 if you need to boost total capacity or hourly capacity.

I will not hesitate to spend money on ventilation system after startup phase. You know, want to minimize the startup risk. This 2 stack 1130 WITH ventilation is only $4500.

Hi pops;

We never equip a pizza shop with that small an oven. We have that configuration in some small convenience stores.

You are only going to get one shot at most of your potential customers during your first few weeks of operation. If you fall short on production and cannot give prompt service you may never be able to get those potential customers back.

I don’t know where you will be located but you will probably going up against major players that can punch out 200 or even 300 pizzas per hour.

George Mills

Thanks George,
Great advise as always. local 3for$15 domino does $2500-3000 on busy night. I plan to do $16 med. $20 large. I guess $1500 on busy night. 100 pizzas in 2 hours. Is it possible with 1130 2 stack? Don’t wanna more oven than I need at least to start with.
Thanks for your advise I will probably PM you.
Thanks again.

Thanks George,
I plan to do $16 med. $20 large. I guess $1500 on busy night. 100 pizzas in 2 hours. Is it possible with 1130 2 stack?

Med. and large are ambiguous terms. If you will indicate the exact size of the pizzas you intend to bake I will calculate production for you.

George Mills

PLEASE. If at all possible, plan to purchase an oven to last you a little while with expansions. Once you spend large $$$ on an oven that you outgrow in 12 months, you will be hard pressed to make yourself sell and upgrade that oven. Cost will be high. Get a few more dollars’ worth of oven now and avoid paying the grief penalty later.

I have an oven that is growing more and more inadequate over the months, and I cannot find a way to get the ovens I need. Don’t live my frustrations. Don’t overbuy too much, but do not hamstring yourself at the outset.

Medium14" Large 18"

  Here's my dillema:  I do have Lincoln 1600 3 stack and a fryer on me. I will have to purchase new hood system, pay installation, ansul certification, Get CA permits :twisted:  and   It will cost me Approx. 15k to 20k. to cover both oven/fryer. Money spent on this kind of hood system is complete waste in case things don't work out. 

I could buy this oven(1130 2 stack w/hood) for $4500. And get a self contained hood system 2k for the fryer. saves me some money and a lot of CA. regulation nightmares.
still have tangible asset in 2 stand alone hoods and oven/fryers in case things don’t workout. Plus I am buying used and cheap to start with.

I will be more than happy to utilise my 1600 3stack and spend $$ on hood system if Things look positive. for now it makes sense to cut untangible expese.
Your thoughts appriciated.
Further advise requested.


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answer Medium14" Large 18" Useing a 5 minute bake doing all 18" you can do 18 per hour.
Doing all 14’ at 5 minute bake you can do 33 per hour Doing 1/2and 1/2 youcan do 9 -18" and 16- 14 in. That is maxim use of space no empty belt area between pizzas. That is production for one oven double it for double ovens

George Mills

Yikes. That is a small oven!

we went bigger mm360 and its PAID off
plan for volume not to fail