Lincoln 1132 Impinger Ovens

I recently purchase a pair of used Lincoln 1132 Impinger Ovens.

I got them all wired by a professional electrician, and we turned them on.

The bottom oven got up to temperature (480F) in about 30 minutes, but the Top Oven after and hour is still at about 300 degrees. Has anyone experience this? What is the problem?

Secondly steam is comming out of the bottom rear of the second oven, I have never seen this before, it looks harmless, but is it symptom of something else?

I’m not by any means an oven expert. But after reading this post it sounds like you’re having a problem with your heating element inside your oven. If you recently purchased these ovens, did you buy them “as is” or did you have a warranty? Either way, my advice would be to get a licensed oven repair company come take a look. Nothing you stated is “normal”. Not even 30 minutes to get to 480. It shouldn’t take these ovens much more than 15 minutes to get up to temp.

Are these 3 phase ovens hooked to 1 phase power?