Lincoln 1132 Problem

One of my Lincoln 1132’s is acting up. It gets up to temp and stays at temp for a while, then it will drop down by at least 100 degrees. I turn the power off and back on and it goes back up to temp and stays there for awhile then, a little while later it will do it again. This happens about 4 times a night. Any Ideas of what is going on?

i had simlar problem on my 1132s ended up being the tempature probe i would make sure to get a qualified tech to look at it .the parts are way to expensive to be guessing !!! i just bought a stack of 1132s cheap said the conveyor motor was bad he even had a new motor sittin there had ams enterprises in knoxville look at it the old motor was fine it was just the timing wheel had gone bad 50.00 part 60.00 labor done. cost of new motor that was bought that wasnt needed 700.00 make sure you get a good tech :!: :!: :!:

Are you using the gas or the electric version?


Good advise from pizza barn.
George Mills

I had a similar problem a while back and it ended up being the temperature probe. I swapped the part out with my second oven to be sure that it was the problem.