Lincoln 1133 electric temp. problems

hi everyone, i just found this site. i bought a used 1133 five months ago and it has worked great, heat up in 15 minutes and holds temperature, until yesterday and today. i cook at 490, 7 minutes. it gets to about 440 and drops some, then goes up, then down, one time dropped from 485 to 410 quickly. heat unit light goes off and on while in preheat mode. after an hour it hits and holds 490. no breezes or fans in kitchen. of course this started the beginning of a holiday week-end. i am going to clean it all out tomorrow but i am wondering if anyone else has experienced this. thanks, j

The temperature in your oven is controlled by several devises, sensing probes, temperature controller, temp high limit switch, all connected by various wires. Wire in ovens become very brittle over time as the result if being in such a hot invirement.

If you want a do it your self project you can just replace those components one by one. Or you can call in a service man.

George mills

since the nearest city is hours away, i am the service man… cleaned the oven today, blew it out with compressed air after brushing electrics with a soft paint brush, switched it on and 15 minutes later it was up to temp with no faltering. that is a relief. fwiw, there is an air pressure switch tube that can cause problems if it gets blocked so that may have been the culprit. j