lincoln 1301 pizza oven

question: if i cook pizzas with a lincoln 1301 model…i understand the small capacity limitations but will the pizza taste the same cooked in 1301 versus a larger capacity, way more expensive lincoln oven…if both are set with the same finger configurations, same temperature, same speed etc?

1162 model, same question?

the 1301 is only elec 1162 and bigger you can get in gas also the cook will look about the same but gas will tend to taste different also i have a 1162 elec if interested

quote=“pizza boy”]will a pizza taste just as good cooked in a lincoln 1301 versus a larger capacity 1600, 1116, or 1450 model, for example?
understanding that both ovens are configured properly, and temperature, time through are not inappropriate…does the bigger baking chamber effect taste in a postive way somehow, making the 1301 inferior in quality?

Hi Pizza Boy

I do not think there is a discernible difference in product, from the same make ovens of the major manufacturers, despite having differing length or width of baking chamber.
george Mills

I totally agree with George. The size of the baking chamber does/will not affect the flavor of the finished pizza (assuming all pizzas are baked equally). In some of the smaller ovens, with fewer fingers, it can, at times be problematic getting some pizzas properly baked without compromising on something. I’ve found that, as a rule, the larger ovens, with more fingers to work with are easier to tune in, and will bake a pizza with fewer compromizes in quality than the smaller ovens.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor