Lincoln Conveyor Oven Finger Configuration...

i have a 32" Lincoln Conveyor Oven that doesn’t seem to cook right no matter what belt speed or temperature we set it at. I think the finger configuration is set up wrong…1508’s all across the bottom and on the top (left to right) 1508 - 1508 - 1530 - 1508. For now, we are rolling out the pizza and running it through at 450 degrees at 3.5 minute belt speed. We then take the crust and flip it over…apply the toppings and run it back through. If we don’t flip the crust it doesn’t cook all the way thru. If we roll out the dough and put the toppings on and then run it through w/different time and temp it cooks the toppings and the crust is doughy.
Any suggestions for finger configurations? Also, where do i get them?

thanks for any suggestions you may have!


Your full bake time on a typical thin crust pizza should be about 6.5-minutes with your oven. What is your dough size and weight?
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hi Brad;

I don’t think finger configuration is your problem. The 1508 finger is the wide open high velocity type and delivers the maximum heat. IF that cannot do your crust at 450 to 500 degrees for about 5 to five and one half minutes you have some other problem not finger configuration.

How old is your oven? You may have a temperature problem and may not be getting the temperature you have selected.

George Mills


On an 18" pizza our dough weight is 24 oz., on a 14" pizza we use 16 oz. of dough.

I did have a food service company come and test my oven to be sure the temperature was correct and it tested out ok. I read somewhere on here that i should have lower velocity fingers on the top…it seems that when i try running a pizza through for 6 - 6.5 minutes it burns the toppings and the dough doesn’t cook clear thru.

Tom - while i’ve got you on here i need to pick your brain a bit about our dough also. We don’t make our own, we have a local company make it for us and it’s delivered in 5 gallon buckets. Being VERY new to this business we’re trying to learn more about proofing etc… Any suggestions as to how our dough should be handled? Right now we roll out every pizza by hand

Thanks for any help you guys can give me!!!

Hi Brad:

Pull two of the 1508 fingers out, then fold some heavy duty aluminum flat and insert to cover the vent holes and then see what happens.

George Mills