Lincoln Finger Choices & Configurations

I bought a failing pizzeria in a town of 1,000 about 16 months ago. In a year’s time sales were up 500%. We’re dying, but it’s an acceptable death. We’ve been operating with two Lincolns, an II 1132 and a 1300 series. We’ve been slammed, especially on weekends, and everything gets backed up at the ovens. Consequently, we just found two more 1132s, they’ll be installed in a couple of weeks. Here’s my problem:

I have zero experience in any of this. So, for me, the learning curve is high across the board. I have very much had to depend upon others for information, and fast. That has worked well until I got to finger configurations on the Lincolns. I have no idea what plates are in the two ovens I have been using. Same goes for the two new ones. I have tried to identify them, but to no avail. I do know that the plates in the two new ovens are different from my original 1132. As far as I know I am happy with the bake I am getting, though, I think it’s probable, since I do not know what I am doing (and the people that owned the place previously knew even less,) that things/baking could be better and I do not even know it. I do know I cannot easily live with a bunch of ovens all configured differently (and not to my application.)

I live in Oregon, and so far, I have not been able to find any service organization that has any knowledge in dealing with this. What I get on the other end of the phone is “we’ll try and take a look – I am sure we can figure something out.” OUCH! What should have I in those ovens? Who can be called? Is there a short list of standard options to consider? How do I know if I am getting a best-bake, or at least a good enough bake? My other, full-time job doesn’t allow me to spend years figuring this out (especially if those ovens are supposed to be ready to go in a couple of weeks) which makes it all the more frustrating that I am not finding answers.

Of course, I have never asked here. :slight_smile: If you have any thoughts I’d certainly be thrilled to be pointed in the right direction.

Coburg, Oregon

Don’t know if this will help or not, but call PESI (Pizza Equipment & Supply) I bought my Lincoln from them and they rebuild them. They might be able to give you some advice or knwo someone in your area to recommend.