Lincoln Finger Setup

Hello, I am a new (open 7 Months) Restaurant owner. We sell all natural always fresh chicken and chicken wings. The location I leased has a Lincoln Model 1041 Conveyor oven available for me to use. After 30+ hours of cleaning, new gas lines, and a “tune up” from a local appliance repair tech, she is up and running!!

My question comes in with the finger setup. I have read many threads on this form and would not have gotten as far as I have with out them. Thank you all for the post you have on this topic. At this point I have a few specific question with some images.

I have the following Fingers:
1500 - Full Open
1501 - Full Closed
1502 - Left Closed (50%)
1503 - Right Closed (50%)
1508 - Full Open w/ Mesh

What is a good starting point for configuration. I believe after I run a few pizzas through I will have a better understanding on how to use this oven and will be much more comfortable in adjusting from there.



Also, which one of these go on top or bottom? Sorry for the large size.

For most thin crust pizzas a good starting point is full open across the entire bottom, for the top, starting at the entry end of the oven full open, partially open, full open, full open. Set the temperature at 460F and the conveyor speed at 5-minutes. Bake a few pizzas to see what you get, adjust the speed and temperature for fine tuning at this point. If you have issues with the finished pizza adjustments will need to be made to the top finger configuration, what changes will be needed cannot be anticipated at this time as every oven is a law unto itself and only itself, plus the dough formulation and how you are managing the dough can/will impact how the pizza is baked and the finger configuration needed. Trial and error.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor


Thank you so much. That is how I will start. One question, which finger is full open? 1500 (without mesh holes) or 1508 (with mesh holes)? Also which support bar goes on top and bottom? Does it matter?

Thank you so much for your help!!

I am thinking to put the perforated fingers, 1508, on the bottom as I believe they will allow more heat. On top I am putting 1500, 1500, 1502, 1500. Converypr right to left.

Am I correct?

Can someone please tell me the difference between the 1500 full open, and the 1508 perforated full open? which should I have on the bottom?

I am no expert on this.
I have a 1450 which is similar to your oven, the bottom is the 1500 fingers, I think because the of the air part of the oven it will blow the heat with direct force to the bottom of the pizza. (if you use a gas oven at home would be similar to using the bottom rack of the oven) the 1508 mesh one will allow the air to blow even heat (oven at home middle rack), that would be good for the top.
I looked at my oven for the second part of your question on the bars, but both of mine are the scalloped edge ones :frowning: .

You can go directly to Lincoln to find out which of your fingers flow the most air, those are the ones you will want to have on the bottom. You might see if Jim Silcox is still there, his cell is 260-450-0510/
If Jim cannot answer your question he will be able to direct you to someone who can.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor