lincoln II making noise

Hi ,my lincoln impinger II is making a noise when it initially starts up like a clicking noise ,i think it is to do with the flame , any ideas to save me a call out fee .

lincoln II making noise
by pepperoni » Tue Apr 12, 2011 7:03 am

Hi ,my lincoln impinger II is making a noise when it initially starts up like a clicking noise ,i think it is to do with the flame , any ideas to save me a call out fee .

Most probably is the igniter sparking to light the gas. Not a problem if the gas ignites promptly.

You should have been able to hear that all along unless your gas was previously igniting on the first click.

If the sound does not stop very quick you should probably have a service company check it out.

George Mills

To add to what George said:

If you have the same control panel as mine you have a honeywell burner control. A gray or black box inside the control panel like this

When all conditions are met for lighting, the solenoid valve opens to allow gas to the pilot and it starts sparking the igniter through the heavy red insulated wire that comes off the controller and goes into the oven cavity. The controller will spark until it times out (times are different on dif. models I think mine is 30 sec) or until it senses a flame. That is where the problem sometimes appears on mine. The thing senses the flame of the pilot light by sensing the change in resistance between the ignitor and the metal of the pilot nozzle/shroud. Gas won’t conduct electricity, the flame will. So when the pilot actually lights, the resistance to ground decreases, the honeywell controller senses this and sends the signal to the energize the solenoid to open the valve that sends gas to the main burner. As long as the controller senses ground through the pilot flame, the main burner will cycle on and off as demanded by the thermostat to maintain temp.
If the ignitor probe and the shroud around the pilot are dirty, sometimes it does not sense the pilot or takes a long time to sense the pilot. My top oven which runs everyday needs this probe to be cleaned about every eight months to a year to keep it reliable. to clean it you can either pull the back cover off the oven and reach up into the burner cavity or remove the burner and clean it on a bench which is alittle more work but gives much better results. If this clicking sound is something new that you did not hear in the past, it may be taking longer for the control to sense the pilot which could indicate things getting dirty in there. If you take it apart, I am not talking about a big flaky buildup, it is more like a film that looks almost like tarnished metal. I clean mine with steel wool and fine emory cloth

Or maybe it’s something else and I wrote all this for nothing.


PLEASE, let me interrupt. The Lincoln has NO spark ignitor. This oven(Lincoln II) much like the Lincoln 1600 is a HOT Surface ignition system.

The sequence is to heat up the hot surface ignitor and then flood it with gas. The return leg on the ignitor is linked with a flame detector that sends a millivolt signal back to the ignition controller that allows the gas valves to remain open.

Your “clicking” noise could come from a multiple of items:

*Burner combustion blower motor, this is the motor that looks like a hair dryer. Your centrifugal switch mounted in the top of this motor could cause this noise as it moving into position to close the circuit to allow the heat sequence to begin.
*One of your solenoid valves could be also be going bad. Most valves are rated at 140,000 cycles; per BASO. Figure a solenoid valve cycles 1 time a minute, an oven is operational 12 hours a day, thats 262,800 a year. Basically according to BASO, the valve should be replaced every 6 months.
*Depending on the year of your machine the internal cooling might have a obstruction on it, when the air flow in low; as with start up the FOD(Foreign object or debris) is resting against the fan. With increased airflow the FOD is suspended away enough to cease the noise.

Good luck.

Thank You for clarifying that, mine are Lincoln Impinger (not II) Model 1451 that is why I said

and provided a pic of the controller.

I guess my last line was appropriate as well.


No problem, hate telling people to check their “turn signal fluid” when the turn signal isn’t working.

Also, are you sure the ignition controller you pictured is the one in your oven? Normally the ignition controller should have a red dot on it. Since Lincoln does not have a pre-purge function as Middleby Marshall has a relay for this function, Lincoln utilizes the Honeywell ignition controller with the Red dot visible on it to indicate there is a prepurge function(normally 30 seconds).

Imagine lighting the BBQ with it filled with gas in the interior cooking area…whooosh! This is the reason for the prepurge to evacuate un-spent gas prior to ignition. The original BOFI/XLT’s were like this, not sure if they have corrected that problem yet?

No, I did not go to the detail of searching out a photo of my exact model # of controller. The controller I have installed is the correct OEM part # .

This thread should probably go back to trying to

A: determine if the OP has an actual problem
B: If so, what needs to be done to remedy it.

Since his oven is apparently different than mine and I have no experience with his model, I am not capable of providing any advice other than I can provide the name of one of they only two people I know that I would trust to work on my oven without me watching over their shoulder. The problem is the OP is on the wrong continent for a service call.


thanks everyone for your help the problem is when the oven is getting up to temp.the noise is there when it gets to 220 dgrees celsius the noise goes away. thanks

Ok I want to add an outside thought here…just an idea. Are we just hearing heat expansion of the metal parts inside that once we hit 220c it goes away? Is it a constant clicking or more random? Also, does it sound like a tinny thump? I am probably way off…just a thought. :idea:

the noise is pretty loud about every 1 second

Does it sound mechanical and equally spaced or could it be that tinny sound of metal heating up and more random spacing? I see this on older furnaces all the time. When the heat kicks in the ducts expand and you get thumps until it gets past a certain temp. Again, I am kindof guessing here but an idea. If it is the exact same everytime and timed the same I would say you have an issue…just not sure what. Have you talked too the mfg directly too see what they say?

If the sound is coming from the rear, you probably have a problem with the Main Fan or the Shroud; both?

With the metal expanding with the heat it is causing the components to emit that noise when hot.

Take the back cover off and look for “shiny” spots on the shroud to see the “strike point(s)”. As long as the fan mounting bracket is not cracked. You can probably easily adjust the motor position; to “L” brackets attached by a pipe strap. Check the nuts on the “spider” bracket, they might have come loose also.

Good Luck!