Lincoln Impinger 1000 belt not moving

So our bottom oven belt stopped moving. We had a service guy come out and check it and he said it was the conveyer circuit board and its going to be about 1500 to fix. We ordered one online ourselves and swapped it out and that didnt do anything. We have changed the fuse on the belt because that was blown out and it has blown out again when we tried starting it up so something keeps blowing the fuse as well. Six months ago I called the service guy out because the oven was making a loud whistling noise it was so loud you couldnt talk on the phone. He said that the gear box for the belt was going bad. We looked online and and they are roughly $500 just for the part. Before I pour more money into this pit does anyone have any other ideas as to what could possibly be a problem. Ive only worked with these ovens for 18 months and had the service people out here 3 times. I am already working on trying to get new ovens but that will probably be another month or 2 but in the mean time i am down 1 oven and SOL if my other one goes out. The oven fires up and hits temperature and everything else works fine just the belt wont move. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

If you unhook the belt, does the belt drive turn on its own?

Sounds to me that the guy did not troubleshoot the cause of the problem, and he plans on replacing parts until something does the trick.

Blown Fuse equals high amperage draw, that sounds to me like something is binding, maybe a bad bearing, the whistling noise could explain that, metal on metal with no lube will do that, maybe that bearing(s) is totally seized and that is causing high draw popping your fuse,
Without going into the machine, All I have is guesses. What you need is someone who is mechanically inclined, not someone guessing and costing you cash in unneeded parts.
(I was a copier/Fax technician for 20+ years)

I havent tried this yet but will give it a shot and see what happens.

The first technician that came out said the gearbox was leaking its oil and that the problem with these particular gearbox is that they are sealed so there is no way to add any oil to it that we would have to replace the whole gear box and that is another 2k. But then again is that really the problem i dont want to pour this much money into something so old I would rather put a down payment and get new.

Who do you use for service?

we use service solutions and request troy

Your all good there. No one knows those ovens better than Troy.

I had a similar situation about 10 years ago. We had a couple of the old Lincoln ovens that were in constant need of repair so we decided to get a new set of XLT ovens. We had a 8 week wait to get them delivered and installed. 4 Weeks in the conveyor motor on 1 blows out. There was no way I was going put any money into these things so I said we are running 1 oven until the new ones come in. We fought thru it OK but the day before the new oven install the conveyor motor in the final oven went out. I wasn’t closing the store no matter what. So I went down and unhooked the chain from the motor sprocket and manually hand cranked the the conveyor the entire day. Good times.

The new ovens came in the next day and I haven’t put in more than 1 or 2 services calls in on them in the last 10 years.

I think its time for new ovens. They are probably older than most of your employees.

Troy is definitely the man. He tells you in thorough detail what’s wrong with the thing and how to maintain and fix your stuff on your own he’s awesome. But yes the ovens are older than most my employees and I have come to the realization that they need 1 of everything and I don’t want to be shut down because of it. Hand cranking doesn’t sound like a bad idea I don’t have any problems doing that! It’s a bit tricky running 1 oven during peak hours but we do get through it.

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Anybody know any good techs in North L.A. or Ventura area?

Try service solutions and I highly recommend that you request troy

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If you need the motor and gearbox there is one listed on ebay I know nothing of the seller but they appear to have good feedback

I talked to Mike at MF&B today about my ovens and asked him about Lincoln parts as he used to be my go to person for my 1450 double stack. Since they are focused primarily on their Edge ovens they don’t stock all the stuff they used to for the older ovens but they do still keep some of the higher dollar stuff around that they can save you money on and to support the refurbs they sold before the Edge came out. He can do this motor for less than $500 and many here can vouch for their reputation