Lincoln IMPINGER 1000 finger configuration

Hi guys.

Been lurking the forum for few days and couldn’t find the answer to this.
I just bought a used Lincoln 1000 oven and I’m sure the finger setup is wrong. The top of the pizza keeps getting burnt and I can’t think of anything else. I was reading a thread from early this year and someone said the configuration for pizza oven are fairly standard. Bottom four open, top first and last open. Two middle blocked.
However the fingers came with my oven are slightly different.

This is how it’s configured currently.
Bottom feed starts with 1502 then two of 1508 then ends with 1532. (So first finger partially open, two full open, then ends with blocked)

Top feed starts with 1508, then two 1531, then ends with another 1508.

I have pictures below of everything. I hope you guys can help. Thanks in advance

IMG_3502.JPG IMG_3503.JPG

I would put all 4 1508s on the bottom then on top I would start with the 1502 then a 1531 then the 1532 and finish with the other 1531.

I’ll give that a try right away thanks.
And what would you recommend for time & temp? 490F 6:10?

At 6:10, I’d try to take your temp down to maybe 450 and work from there. We run 470 for 5:30 but our fingers are different. Looks like you’re going to have a lot of heat on the bottom and not as much as we have on top.

Time Cooks
Temperature is color

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Thanks Steve. Appreciate your help.
How long does it usually take for the oven to heat up to 450-470? I tried setting the fingers the way Daddio recommended. It’s been 35 minutes and I’m 415. Going up very slow.

The way they were setup before I was hitting 500 in less than 25 mins. But it was also burning the pizza.

Oh man, our ovens are up in 10 minutes from completely cold

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Our ovens were up to operating temperature (460F) in under 30-minutes.
If you provide your oven serial number as well as the photographs of the of the finger configuration which you presently have the folks at Lincoln should be able to get you pointed in the right direction with the finger configuration for the top and bottom. What you presently have is not a typical pizza finger configuration. I wrote an article addressing this very topic some time back.
A more typical finger configuration is full open across the entire bottom and a partial open, followed by a full open, then ???, followed by another partial open at the exit. The ??? means that it will vary with the type of pizza you are making. If you tend to load them up with a lot of veggies it will have some airflow in that position but if a more sparsely topped pizza is the order of the day it will usually be blocked. The very last top finger is used to control the color of the top of the pizza so it too might be variable depending upon a number of factors.
In my article I believe I relate the story of the fellow here who was trying to bake pizzas in his Lincoln oven without any success what so ever. After a little investigation (ran the serial number across a friend of mine at Lincoln) it turned out that the USED oven he had purchased was originally made for a major seafood restaurant chain with a proprietary finger configuration for baking…guess what??? FISH…NOT PIZZA. A new set of fingers got the problem resolved. The point is that just because it looks like a pizza oven doesn’t mean it is a pizza oven…they can be configured t bake just about anything, pies, cookies, pet foods, seafood, and even pizza.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor