lincoln impinger 1130

does anyone know if the lincoln impinger 1130 is a good oven, i plan to get a double stack. Does it cook good pizza? and does it crank out high volume?, we have a gas oven is our one location that we like but I was just wondering if anyone has had any luck with this particular electric oven? Or maybe could recommend a good electric oven?

I can not comment on the cook it provides as I have not used one of these. As far as high volume, this is as far from high volume as you get. My guess is that a doublestack of these could handle approximately 30 pizzas per hour. These are really not much more than a countertop cheesemelter. Can you not consider gas ovens? If you are stuck with only electric, I saw an XLT ad that said their ovens were now available in electric models. Contact George Mills for more info on those.

I am/was one of the few who likes an electric oven, but only a particular brand, a CTX, now under the Middlleby brand…

It is no slouch in the volume department, but is a MONSTER in the electrical requirements…it takes quite a bit of juice to get it up & running, but one up to temp, performs like a champ…

I’ve owned two sets of them and would consider owning them again…repairs can be costly when a “plate” needs 2b replaced…

Great plus is they are extremely quite, don’t get the ambient temp as hot, and the ducting requirements may be less costly…

You can dial in temp characteristics to match your dough or finished product…

Best if the veggies are placed under the cheese tho…(but I do that with 1/2 of my veggie pies now)…

I’m running old MM 360’s now…will someday replace them w/newer gas tech, as the power requirements aren’t available here…(once the credit market frees up)

You can find a used set on ebay from time to time - but the shipping costs will be high…

Before you commit to the oven, any air impingement oven for that matter, pull the top and bottom fingers to see what you have in each position, then contact the manufacturer, ( Lincoln at 800-374-3004) in your case, and ask to speak with an applications specialist. Tell them which oven you’re looking at, gas or electric, have the serial number handy and tell them which inserts (they have a numerical designation on each) are in each top and bottom finger position. They ask if this is a good profile for what you are wanting to bake. Those ovens can be profiled to bake just about anything, and if it was originally profiled to bake fish and other seafood dishes, it won’t do a very good job of baking pizza until the correct baking profile is installed. Those insert panels sell for close to $100.00 each, so you want to make sure most of them are usable when you buy the oven.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hi Aceoperative:

May I ask why you want an electric oven?

George Mills

i have an elec 1132 o top of my gas 1600 we start the day off with the 1132 and if needed we start up the 1600

the 1132 cooks just as good as the 1600 they do about 17 pies an hour so if your looking at a busy place you need a bigger oven

You can triple-stack the Lincolns. Properly configured, they will bake pizza just fine. I ran them in my slice location for 10 years (sold the store this past season) They are reliable, don’t take up much space and most of the work they periodically require can be done yourself (heating elements, blower motors).

The ones I am familiar with require 208v 3-phase power and plenty of it, so you need to double check your electical capacity in the premises.

We ran them at about 505 degrees setting with a 5 1/2 minute cook time. Our doughball weighs 25 oz. Using our 16" pie, each of these ovens produced about 20-25 pies per hour. Our triple stack produced 60+ pies per hour. We would do about 100 pies for our lunch rush on a busy day.

Whether or not that is high volume depends on your needs.

I would have preferred a higher capacity gas oven but that was not possible in our location both because of space and building configuration.

Hey fatboy, what time/temp do you run you electric oven at, and does it cook the same as your gas, i mean is it noticeable different

Hi Aceoperative:

If you are planing on an electric oven to avoid using a hood and ventilation system please note that the code calls for a hood and ventilating system over any cooking device that raises the temperature to 220 degrees and above. It makes no difference if the heat source is gas or electric. The object of the ventilation system is to remove the cooking vapors and heat. The cooking vapors must be completely removed the amount of heat to be removed is not defined.

As to the ovens, Lincoln makes a good product, the early versions of that particular model had problems with the control module on the upper oven as it is in the heat stream from the lower oven. A few years ago Lincoln made some changes in that model that apparently resolved that problem.

As to production, those ovens do not have the production capacity for the average pizza shop even if triple stacked. At best about 20 pizzas per hour per deck is what you can expect.

I believe you should be considering nothing smaller than an oven with a 32 in wide belt and a 40 inch long baking chamber. larger if you can possibly swing it.

George Mills