Lincoln Impinger 1450 vs Edge40 and Setup question

I am looking in to purchasing a lincoln impinger 1450 or Edge40 oven both with a 40" baking chamber. From what I have heard from others both on and off this board, the conveyors are not as drastic of a difference as some may make them out to be, when properly set up. I currently use a small bakers pride, and my customers enjoy the nice crisp bottom, and golden brown top. I know a lot of the bake style comes from how it is set up, so I was wondering if anyone had recommendation on how to configure these as far as a good starting point (I Know I will have to adjust to fit my dough and desired back) as far as finger configuration, bake time, and temperature are concerned, and any opinions as to if one oven is better than the other. I will have a very limited window to test the ovens (we will be closed for 3 days for a remodel and will get the ovens as early in to that as possible), so I would like to have a light on the situation so to speak.


Hi Uncle:

It is usually the responsibility of the manufacturer, or his agent, to work with you using your oven in your shop to set up the oven to produce the product you desire. Its really not that difficult.

George Mills


Thank you. I was not aware of that. Does this appy to resellers and refurbished equipment (we will be purchasing, most likely, from

We bought a re-manufactured Lincoln from MF&B and they set it up and we spent a couple of hours cooking pizza and tweaking the oven with their guys until they were satisfied with the bake. They improved the pizza over the old Lincolns that were being replaced because of numerous mechanical and electrical problem. Set up should be part of the deal.

Most reconditioned equipment does not include start and check or help with adjusting the oven to your product.

George Mills

Each oven purchase is different depending on the customer:

As-Is; customer will fly, drive, swim to pick up the equipment and handle the oven from there.
F.O.B; customer has agreed to receive this oven on a LTL and handle the installation and fire-up.
Delivered; customer has decided that he wants the oven delivered to his location and there will handle the set-up and fire-up.
Delivered and installed; customer wants us to handle the delivery, installation and fire-up.

Sometimes we have arrived on location and the customer does not have the proper utilities available for a fire-up. Also depending on location not all installers are allowed by local ordinances to conect utilities.

Each and every transaction is different. DO NOT assume anything is included unless you have it detailed in your agreement(invoice).

With the economy driving prices low, all services must be charged for because there is not enough margins in the equipment prices to cover additional labor and freight.

Our average installer costs about $20 per hour; not inculding meals and lodging. The cost to run a truck is about $1.50 per mile.