Lincoln Impinger 1600

Have you guys noticed the inside of the conveyor ovens (opposite from the window door) that the pizzas do not get cooked as well?

I have noticed this with the Lincoln Impinger 1600.
Is there any solution to this?


Check in your manual, or online manual available free from Lincoln’s site to see if there is a baffle in the fingers. On my 1450 there is a baffle inside the finger that is used to balance airflow between the near and far side of the oven when looking from the door. These are initially set-up and not to be messed with. If yours have been tweaked then they may need adjusting. It would take someone with much more experience than me to advise you on how to get it right if you choose to mess with it.


Thanks Rick, I will look at the online manuals.

I am hoping someone else on this board can assist.


Is this something new in an oven that has been working fine before? If so, (and if they are electric 1600s) you may have a single coil burned out.

1600 are very different from the 1000/1400 series.

Slanted finger inputs, BUT they have a feature that the other Lincoln models do not have Baffle, Air return (370167,370166). If you have these installed your cooking should be consistent. It forces the air flow to utilize the entire cavity and not “short cycle” the air causing certain zones to cook more than others.

The 1600’s are incredible ovens but require high maintainance. They are compariable to a Honda that if you “teaked” it, it would out run a Corvette!

I have the opposite problem, that side(opposite the sandwich window) cooks more than the other side…weird

I have the exact same problem did you ever resolve this or figure what to do tahi0009