lincoln impinger 18 inch not lighting

We have 2 Lincoln Impinger II ovens with 18 inch belts and one oven which is 10 years old has trouble lighting, does anyone know how to fix this .Thanx

It could need a new glow plug.

If its an Impinger II with hot surface ignition, open the main front door. Turn the oven on, stand back a bit, and watch towards the burner area in the back. You wont be able to see the burner, but you should see a bright orange glow coming from that area (on my old Impinger II’s, you would look to the right hand side towards the top at the back). If you look at the one that is working while it lights, you’ll find the point to look fairly easily.

If the good one glows but the one that won’t light doesn’t, you probably just need a new hot surface ignitor. your equipment supplier can probably point you in the right direction to obtaining a new one.