Lincoln Impinger Heating Issues

I’ve embarked on journey of taking over an existing pizza shop and have problems with middle oven (Lincoln Impinger 1600 000A, with buttons). Oven had problems burning pizzas in summer months and was not able to properly adjust temperature.

I’ve swapped out the Control Board and had even more problems. The old Control Board won’t work so I kind of stuck with a brand new one. It has preset functions and keeps on overcooking everything. The times to heat up seem entirely long as well.

I’ve call 2 different appliance repair companies, swapped out both thermocouples (personally), and changed solinoid valve (left side) and nothing seems to work. The tech at Lincoln recently said to change finger orientation for using 2 blockers that work setting conveyor Left to Right. We have a gas oven and need opposite conveyor configuration.

Has anyone had luck getting a circuit board repaired? I brought to someone who specializes in it but he cannot seem to get it done.

This 2nd oven issue is miserable. Please help. Thanks!!!