Lincoln Impinger Low Profile-1600 Series Conveyor Oven Prob.

Hello there,

I have a Lincoln 1600 series oven, that works great when your cooking one or two pizzas. But during peek times when I’m filling the oven to capacity, the pies are coming out white or not as golden as I would like.

Also on a side note, one side of the oven cooks much more then the other side, almost to the point where it burns the pizza. It’s the side of the oven where the finger attach that really burns.

Any help would greatly appreciated!

has this just started happening? How long ago did it start? How old are the ovens? Most ovens seem to have a hotter side, but that seems ridiculous, if it’s to the point of burning.

Turning the speed down by 10 seconds when you’re in a rush might help, but that shouldn’t be necessary if they were running properly.

I’ve started it noticing it more and more recently, maybe i’m over exaggerating when I say its burning. Let me put it this way. When I cook the pizzas on that side, I have to rotate them while they start peeking out to make a consitent bake. I might as well use deck ovens if thats the case.

I gave the oven a deep cleaning about 3 weeks ago, but I made sure that the fingers were put back exactly where they came from.

my question, I know the fingers come apart. is there anyway I might have put the fingers together differently?

make sure the blanks in the top are properly installed you might be losing the airflow in an open gap on the back side

There is a little ledge on the side of the oven where the fingers rest. If that side is not quite right, that could be the problem. I’m assuming you took the fingers apart. I wouldn’t think it would make as much a difference as you describe if a finger wasn’t right, but maybe if 2 or 3 are assembled wrong…

I can’t come up with a reason that a full oven would change bake characteristics like that. If the pizzas are packed too tightly? But, if that were it, the top should still brown, the crust would be less done. Hmm. Someone will know.

Hi tahi0009:

I have no clients using that oven so I have no experience to call on.

I can note that among the oven re builders I work with that is not a popular model due to various operating problems that are apparently commen to that oven.

George Mills

We had that problem in our Blodgetts with the “old” burner tubes. Something about their design would not allow the oven to kick it up a notch when fully loaded.


I am about to purchase the Lincoln Impinger 1600 but your comments worry me that this particular model is not well liked in the industry?

Should I go for the 1450s?

What is wrong with the 1600s?



If they are electric 1600s your problem could be a single coil is burned out. When this happens the oven will cook a couple of pizzas fine and then not be able to keep up. (When two coils are out the oven will not hold temp at all)

Sorry sunnyshades
I have no clients using that oven. I can only report hearsay.

I have no adverse comments on the Lincoln 1450.

George mills

We had a similar problm about 12 years ago on our 1100 oven what the tech said was turn the timer up 5secs and the temp down 5degrees or maybe 10 degrees if your in america this worked for us hope it does for u :smiley:

The problem you have is probably more critical than you think.

1600’s were built for a 7 year life. Lincoln used inferior metal in the back plate of the oven. If you were to pull the rear plate(holds the motors) you probably will find interior disfigured metal and holes in it. This disrupts the air flow and the capabilty of holding temperature.

If this probably is correct you might want to pull the rear cover and take it down to your local metal shop to correct the problem.

Normally when we are refurbishing ovens we pull the rear covers; fix the fatigued metal and then add a 1/4" steel plate to strengthen the burn target area.

Good Luck!

Tahi0009 did you ever fix this problem? I have he exact same ovens and problem

Did you ever find the problem I have the exact same ovens and issues