Lincoln Impinger or Middelby Marshall

Hiya Tom

im opening a new shop and based in uk and was wondering which is the best conveyor oven out ofLincoln Impinger 1600 fastbake low profile the and the middleby marshall PS640 wow oven. I have heard they are both good but which cooks the best pizzas and is easiest to clean. When you speak to each company they always say they are the best. And how many ovens would you recommend to produce three hundred pizzas per hour, can that be done with two ovens or would you need three. The wow oven documents say they can prouduce around 130 pizzas an hour and lincoln 90. Also which oven has the best finger setup. And with the fingers would they need changing or is it a simple matter of positioning them differently to see which cooks best for the pizzas. Quite a lot of the big names are using the wow oven but does it cook the pizza nice.

Thanks G

I believe Lincoln and Middleby Marshall are both good companies. I would ask the Middleby and Lincoln if they have test kitchens or some other way where you can personally test your pizza in their ovens. I believe that three ovens not two, would be necessary to cook 300 pizzas in an hour.

Since both are US based companies, i would look into service as well. In another thread an operator down under is trying to get a solenoid valve replaced and has waited a week. Research parts availability and reputations for service from the authorized techs.


You have two options. The first is to go with the company with the best afterservice. I worked with a company that imported 15 Blodgetts to Japan, and they were the only 15 in the country. Service sucked. Blodgett would not even ship a door handle directly to us.

A possible better option is to find two used ovens and use them until they break down. I found 4 lincoln conveyors for under $1000, installed two of them, and swapped them out when they died, which took about 4 years. Of course your mileage will vary with this though.

As for pies per hour, it depends on the make an model. I think the MM PS200 will do 200-12 inch pies an hour.

Thanks for comments guys please keep commenting. Service wise both hav a network of people down here so dat aint a prob. Shop is gettin fitted out so dnt hav a test product and oven wise im goin to buy brand new. And also do i buy the cuppone pizza press or a dough roller by sumerset. Also any difference in pizza between a press or dough roller thanks

Press’ & sheeters do not produce the same end result…

Sheeters degass the dough more…

The Cuppone press is nice, but quite expensive…I’d go with a less expensive option…

I’ve used both & hand-toss currently…I might consider the Somerset press for a new store & the convenience factor…

Hi Mrg:

If you will indicate the size of what you think will be your best selling pizza I can calculate the maximum production for each oven.

It was reported in a previous discussion that the WOW oven is giving users many headaches.

I can report that one of our chain accounts started using the WOW but has discontinued them due to problems encountered.

Our clients prefer sheeters.

George Mills

Hiya george i wil be sellin 7inch 1
inch and 12inch 16inch i think most popular wil be 12 inch and may be 16 inch not to sure. Why do u recommend a dough sheeter lookin at either somerset 1 and or a cuppone press. Wats lincoln impingers like so u dnt recomend the wow oven

Hi Mrg:

I do not use equipment I sell it. I only state my client’s preference, which is sheeters. Most say they do not like the fact that the press applies heat which, they say, puts a skin or light crust on the pizza prior to saucing and topping.

As to production, the size ovens you are considering can, if baking 16 in, produce fifty per hour if baking for 6 minutes 60 if baking for 5 minutes. IF baking 12 inch 84 if 6 min bake 106 if 5 min bake. That is maximum production with all possible belt space completely utilized all the time, a condition seldom achieved in actual usage.

George Mills

Maybe you should work on your business plan and suppliers before proceeding much more with the build out.

To George and the OP…and anyone else that has seen it… that new Univex dough spinner? Has anyone played with one or know of any end-users to get some first hand impressions from? Seems like a better choice since no heat applied and not rolling out all the gas from using a sheeter. Thoughts anyone??? :?:

I saw one demo’d @ the Orlando show…looked quite nice…still pricey…

IMHO, one must really consider why they don’t want to hand toss…consistency? Speed?

As I said earlier, I’ve had two presses and one sheeter but have always gone back to hand tossing…mechanical methods don’t shave off much ‘time’ as you still must fuss with the dough…

For a real volume operation, a press will save some time and provide consistency, as I got quite proficient @ it when working @ one of the highest volume CiCi’s near Disney…

For most operations, hand tossing is still the preferred method for me, but if $$$ were no object, the Univex @ $5K would be fun…

HI qcfmike »I have not had an opportunity to see one of the Univex units in operation and we have no clients using it.

Perhaps they will be demonstrating it at Pizza Expo.

George Mills

The spizza if you go on sigma website they do the exact one unless george on is copying the other. Also they now have a automatic one out too now. What do you think of the lincoln impinger with fast bake george.


Lincoln makes an excellent oven but we have no clients using them. I have not heard anything negative.

George Mills

You should try the XLT ovens there is a dealer with a test kitchen in England.

UK & Ireland
Tim White
Whites Foodservice Equipment Ltd,
Unit 7A, Enterprise Way,
Edenbridge, Kent, TN8 6HF
Office: +44(0)1732 862638
Office Fax: +44(0)1732 865316
Word 2: +44(0)7900 957809

They cover the UK/Ireland.

George Mills