Lincoln Impinger or Middelby Marshall

Hi i hav looked at two oven the lincoln impinger 1600 low profile and the middleby marshall wow ps 640. After tryin both oven i feel that the wow oven is a beter oven no gumline and a more consistant bake where as the impinger the pizzas are not very consistent and their is a gumline. Any feedback would be appreciated as im thinking of buyin a couple of wow ovens for my new store thanks.

I don’t see a lot of Middleby Wow ovens used so I am assuming you are looking to buy new ovens. While I have not cooked on either of these, I would encourage you to check out Edge Ovens. I have a triple stack of Edge 60’s in one store and soon will be replacing a triple stack of Middleby 570’s with Edge 60’s at my other location.They cook great, they’re quiet and most of all they’re very efficient. I would guess the cost would be significantly less than the others and the warranty would be much better.

Hiya only goin 2 buy either ps640 wow or low profile lincoln impinger 1600 as both hav gud network of service people in the uk. Lookin to probably buy 3 new wow ovens any body got any or used them. Think the wow ovens are beter than the lincolns having been to both test facilities and using the ovens.

I use a Lincoln Impinger 1400 in one of my DELCO, very inconsistent bake. Just opened a second location and purchased to new XLT 3240 Double Stacks :smiley: 5 year warranty something Lincoln cant offer…