lincoln impinger question

I have lincoln impinger double deck oven, both decks cook differently on each side. the side closest to the heat source cooks hotter than the other side, I have cooked with various different ovens and have never experienced this problem before. what if anything can be done to solve this problem. our finances are kinda tight right now so any low or no cost solutions would be greatly appreciated.

I assume the fingers and plates have been cleaned well and the fan is operating properly.

I have a copy of an older manual for lincoln impingers that covers 1000, 1200 and 1400 series installation and operation. It has a paragraph about adjusting the baffle plates in the finger housing if the oven is baking unevenly between the front and the back. It does not give a lot of info on this but does provide th factory setting.

here is a link to that manual, the baffles are on page 13.

Don’t know if thats your problem, but its worth a look.

thanks, I will check it out.

I have another question and didn’t want to start another topic. the temp control allows us to adjust for left and right. how does that work specifically? is it front and back or left or right when you are behind the oven putting pizzas in?

I have been told by a manager that has been here a while that they tried to adjust baffle plates. I don’t know if they did or not, but the fingers have been cleaned and the fans seem to be operating properly.

Your way beyond my knowledge and experience now. I haven’t seen that but I have only worked with the lincoln 1451 and one that i think was an 1100.

I would google the model # and see what you can find on line, and if that doesn’t help, Mark at MF&B has taught me more about oven controls in 15 minutes over the phone than I learned by reading everything I could find on line. You may want to see if he can help you out.


How do I get ahold of Mark?

Thank you,

I’d recommend calling Lincoln tech services about the uneven heating problem. It could likely be an electrical problem and they might be able to help you figure it out over the phone. Their number is 260-459-8200