Lincoln Impinger Trouble


I have two Lincoln Impinger model 1116 gas fired pizza ovens with the same issue. They will fire up fine, but during operation suddenly loose both the high and low flame at the same time. Then the hot plate igniter must reignite the flames. While this is going on, the temperature of course drops and causes cooking issues. I strongly suspected the temperature control module in one unit as I had trouble with it a couple of years ago. But no go, replaced the part and the problem remains. Has anyone had this symptom, or can steer me to a common failure item that could cause this problem? Thank You, JB

Hi Glitch

Guess there are no service technicians reading these posts.

I would make a WAG that its your thermostat or high limit switch but I am not a service technician.

I suggest you call the place where you purchased the unit or a service technician.

If you can’t locate a tech let me know where you are located and i will give you some phone #s.

George Mills