lincoln oven not going in to cool down mode

Lately i have been noticing our lincoln impinger II is not going into the cool down mode usually 20 minutes and also when it is switched on it is making a clicking noise until it gets to 250 degrees celsius or it doesnt click if the kitchen is warm , any ideas guys,


do you mean it just keeps heating up or it wont shut down

also the clicking is probably the gas regulator mine did that for ever never gave me a problem

It sounds as though you might have a bad cool down circuit. Depending on what model oven you have.

Depending on the model and year you either have a:

369508 -Time Delay, 20 minute
369507 - Thermostat, Cooling Fan

If your oven blower normally stayed “ON” for 20 minutes after you shut it “OFF”. You probably have the 369508. The operation is simple it monitors the neutral leg from the power switch with live power coming to the unit which back feeds the oven blower relay. The unit is blue in color and can be easily replaced. When dealing with multiple wires and replacement of components, I recommend.

Mark your wires, if they are not already marked (8,6,12 & 20)
Take a picture so you have something to compare
Order of wire on bottom with the three terminals in a row(L to R) - 8,6,12
Top wire is 20

List on this part is: $138 USD, we sell it for $103.50 USD, in stock!

Clicking noise, probably a gas valve as the earlier post, BUT the noise should not be going away at 250 C. It should be constant at any temperature. Possibly a fan is causing the problem, normally as metal expands a noise goes away or gets worse. The fans distributed by Lincoln are notorious for “blowing” up.

Good Luck, hope I helped!