Lincoln Ovens

We’ve been in business about 7 weeks so I’m learning still and each problem is another learning experience.

We have 2 lincoln ovens and have trouble with consistency as well as unburned gas (propane). We don’t generate enough consistent business yet to keep both ovens going, but some Friday/Saturday nights we need to fire the 2nd one up (the lower one). We end up with uncooked pizza sometimes and other times it’s fine. They tempature and speed aren’t changing. We checked to make sure that it’s getting sufficient gas by calling out the propane company. Our vendor said the oven needs to have internal parts cleaned but there isn’t anyone he could find that works on them.

We are in eastern North Carolina. Any suggestions?


i have lincoln natural gas and electric ovens. when i encounter a problem i can’t fix myself i check with lincoln.

you can find an authorized lincoln repair shop by going to the lincoln website. from there, click on “service” on the top red bar. there is a “service locator” map where you can find what you need.

good luck!