Linen service... any good ones?

Is anyone totally satisfied with their linen service?

I’ll even take a “stay away from xyz company”. Thanks

Stay away from Cintas. Hands down the worst vendor experience I have ever had.

I agree, Cintas SUX!!! I told them to go ahead and sue me after I refused service when I caught them overcharging me for weeks on end! They never did.

My recommendation is to find a smaller business locally. I switched from SpiritServices to a local place within 40 miles of me. They are a 40 year business that is still run by the founders. The service has been stellar, pricing a little lower than the big guys. I get a call every couple weeks from my route guy asking if everything is good. That may fall off since I am just a couple months in . . . . but he has made a prfound impression on us. Go for the hungry guys like us . . . they may giver a better service since their reputation locally is a big deal.

ditto Find youre LOCAL guy and keep him on his toes…Save money and SUPPORT youre community.

You could also try finding a stay at home mom who needs a bit of extra money.

I have to agree with everyone here, Don’t use Cintas. Unless you donn’t have to sign a contract.

Use someone local.

Same here. Caught them charging for things they didn’t deliver and stopped using them. Now they’re trying to charge me $3K+ for breaking a contract that I never signed. That is a terrible company and I make sure I tell everyone I can to stay away.

Wow, with a reputation like that, how do those guys stay in business? I am currently with Cintas and at first was very satisfied. But my driver and rep changed and everything seems to going downhill. I’ll be done with my 2 year contract next month so that is why I asked the question in the first place. Thanks for all of the responses.

Kris, that’s a very interesting idea. Do you do that? I would much rather pay a stay-at-home mom $50 per week than have Cintas do what they do (which seems like nothing) for $80 per week.

omg…let me tell you my story about citas…it cost me 34.00 A week…always was pay every week when dropped off I got a new rep and some how I had outstanding invoices…i had a 90 day, a 60 day and a 30 day…when I confronted them he gave me the dates on the invoices…and said he needs a check TODAY. I Told him I want to investigate and he said well until its paid he couldt leave the product . so I said sorry and did a little investigation I printed out the checks to all three invoices. when he came in the next week I showed him my copies and he said hmmm I must have had the dates wrong…and had to take it back to corprate. I told him I wasn’t going to have the service until we got it situated…so he left then last week he came earlier than normal when I wasn’t there…left a note said “got it cleared up for you” then left the bill for the LAST THREE WEEKS.

You got a mirror? :smiley:

We do Del/Co only so the only laundry we have are rags, mopheads and aprons. We wash them at home or at the laundrymat. Always done when we need them :smiley: , always done right :smiley: , no problems with billing :smiley: . The only drawback is having dryer buzzer go off at 2am.

If you have table cloths, cloth napkins and such this may not be practicle.

Rick G

It doesnt seem that I can get the towels as clean as they do, any ideas?


Don’t assume your done with your contract…you have to give them written notice 30 days before the contract expires that you do not want to renew or it automatically renews.

Send a certified letter stating to end the contract when done or again it will renew automatically.

Man I hate contracts!

We just do towels. Believe it is like $10 a week.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll get that done tomorrow.

We wash our own towels and aprons and although it’s a pain – still worth not having to deal with any of the linen services. One trick we use to get the towels cleaner and smell good is we use a cup to a cup and a-half of Bleach and then add a cupful of Tide with bleach. Towels come out pretty clean and smell good too! We even send home towels and aprons with an employee in exchange for a pizza when we’re gonna be gone and not be able to do the laundry.

We’re currently doing our own as well, because I haven’t found any linen companies that don’t $uck and my experience with Cintas has taught me to never, ever sign a contract with these guys.

When we built our house my wife insisted on a high end washer and dryer, and it gets our towels amazingly clean. It’s an LG Steam Washer. The full steam cycle takes a little over 2 hours and we just use HE detergent and bleach. We only use our towels about 5-6 times each before throwing them out and buying new ones. You just can’t continue to get them as white as new.

I’m not even sure I would hand this back over to a linen company for a store my size. We only use about 80-100 towels per week, and the only headache is dragging the linen bag home. Same deal with my aprons. Cintas was charging me about $60 per week for towels, aprons and mats. Taking care of them ourselves saves us about $2,800 dollars per year and I never get overcharged or shorted.

My wife hates washing them at home, but I always remind her of how she insisted on that high end washer and dryer :smiley: