Liquor/Beer Cost

For those of you with Bar Experience. What is the magic % number for bar COGS?

Like the 30% food benchmark. Is there one for Bars?

ive been out of the alcohol game for a while now but if i remember correctly isint it like hard alcohol is like 11% and wine and bottles like 20% and tap beer like 15%…correct me if in wrong.

Your talking mark-up, not cost ratio, right?

I’ve been using a 40% cost ratio on bottled drinks since no labor is involved (multiply your cost by 2.5)

In a full service restaurant with heavy wine sales and full bar and draft beer we ran 17% cogs average on all beer wine liquor sales.

With a full bar, we run about 35% COGS. But the bar list includes a large number of more expensive craft beers in both cans and bottles, only 5 drafts and about 8 wine selections (all under $28).