Litigation nightmare

I was just reading an article about a woman being awarded $311K for injuries at a Pizza Hut in Troy (Maddison County).

Gee I really feel for you guys in the US when people can take such dramatic actions and get huge payments - I know this is not huge in terms of other payments I have read about, but come on.

We are starting to see the the “someone else is at fault for my actions” mentality coming into play in Australia more and more where people are suing left right and centre.

No wonder there is a distain for the law fraternity when they encourage this type of behaviour. I guess all they are looking at is the 20 or 30% cut they take from the ruling.

I would be really concerned in opening any business over there with the knowledge that someone can turn a molehill into a mountain and scan thousands or millions of dollars away from people working their guts out to make a honest living.

Power to you guys.

Reading about the Pizza Hut episode made me sick to my stomach.

Good luck to you all and I hope you never have to go through the trauma of such dispicable behaviour by money hungry lawers and low lifes who think that the world owes then everything and what is theirs is theirs and so is everyone elses.

I beg to question why people out in the streets protesting the lunacy that has evolved in relation to the litigation mad society that has delveloped.

Or is it that secrectly everyone harbours the thought of hitting paydirt one day.

Sorry if I offend but I cannot fathom this mentality and fear the same happenning over here.


this is the problem with our country, always looking too sue someone for there negligence. i would think all states should take on new orleans napolian laws, you fall, you trip… its your fault.

Hold your horses… are you saying that people should be held accountable for their own actions ???

Keep your wild communistic thoughts to yourself bucko. :lol:

Yeah, that crazy talk will start shaking the very foundation of entitlement that our economy is fouded on. Cut that out and move along. Next thing you know, people will be expected to perform desireable tasks in order to get a pay raise instead of waiting for Federal and state laws to give them raises.

$64 Million for a lost pair of pants?..There is something wrong here…RCS…

Thanks guys, you gave me a bit of a laugh about something so far out of respectability it stupid.

By the way it sounds like there are a lot of similarities with people not being responsible for their own actions.

I may have found a way to fund my dream of owing a chain of pizza shops - just visit a few franchise outlets (the ones who would rather pay up than fund a fight) trip over the leftovers of a Maccas, fall face first in a Taco Bell plate of nachos and burn my mouth on a PH pepperoni pizza.

I’ll then blame Maccas for not having 25 signs saying that it could be dangerous to walk in their stores, get at Taco Bell for not spelling their warnings in Australian English and then go PH for not telling me that pizzas are hot and if eaten too soon out of the oven I could burn my mouth.

That should set me up nicely plus have a bit of change to ivite all you guys (and ladies) out for the grand opening.

Gee I might even have enough left overto pay some ridiculous rates for drivers.

Off to work now for a busy Friday. It’s cold and raining. I hope no-one catches a cold coming out to get a pizza we can’t deliver on time and then sue me for gross negligence of not telling them of the outside weather conditions.

That would end my dreams of expansion.


PH appealed the ruling, and it is a prety safe assumption it will be nowhere near the initial amount.

The old American dream was to own a business, work your ass off, create wealth for your family and retire early. Todays version of the American dream is to sue someone who lived the old American dream. I don’t know who I respect less… The rober who stuck a gun to my drivers head last weekend, or the contingency attorneys who thrive on these frivous lawsuits.