Little Caesars

Anyone know the portions on a LC “HotReady” pepperoni pizza?

We have one opening tomorrow across the street from one of our stores. They sent out “VIP Party” postcards to come by for a free pizza between 3 and 7 today. So, of course I took one…

I haven’t had a LC pizza in probably 20 years or more. There are a few around here, but none near me.

14" pizza. 22 pepperoni’s on it. I’m guessing around 5 oz of cheese. I’d estimate about 20% of the non-crust area of the pizza was cheeseless. I’m thinking about 4 oz of sauce - there really wasn’t any one there - just a smear like they put sauce on it, then scraped it off. Crusts seem like a par-bake, but I’m not certain.

I’m a little surprised. I thought it would be better than this. They are selling for $5.55 here.

I’m all about a business model that works. I’m surprised that this actually works.

I think their cheese portion is higher than 5 oz. They dont downsize the cheese portion for hot and ready versus non.

The places around me doing stellar business and the new stores are equipped with those high end ovens George discusses all the time and the product is very good and they can handle huge volume.

Its a different business segment, people who want high end pizza wont eat it, but it fills the mid and low end very well.

Older corporate store quality stinks, but the new franchisee product is pretty good and offering bread and sauce for 2.50 is very competitive too.

They are gaining market share while others like Papa John’s are closing stores, that tells you something right there.

Surprises me too that these type of operations can generate enough business but obviously they do. Sometimes its just a value perception. There are people that tell us our pies are too expensive yet they will become full after only eating 2 or 3 slices. They will also tell us they can eat a whole pizza from Dominos or the Hut. So even though we are giving them a better value all they really see is getting a “whole” pizza for a cheaper price – regardless of how far it goes.

I suppose this can be relative to what is available in your area but its as low end as you get – not mid at all.

You havent tried their franchisees using an XLT.

It makes a great looking and tasting product.

People think of the corporate 20 yr old stores with their cruddy looking inside, old equipment and worn out employees. Their franchisees are doing a much better job and the new layout and equipment and quality should not be viewed lightly.

This one is using an XLT. So what? Doesn’t change the fact that at least 20% of the pizza had no cheese on it. We use XLT’s in 2 of our stores.

I’m not a huge stickler for the “best” quality (we are a franchise ourselves), but this pizza sure isn’t quality. Any of the “other” top 10 franchise places put it to shame for sure. But hey, I don’t expect much more for only $5.55.

Is it worth $5.55, yes, no doubt. The pie is no competition for PH, PJ or Dominos. It sure isn’t mid-level. Definitely at the bottom of the pile, but again - that is the business plan.

Like I said, I was surprised that it wasn’t a little better - even for $5.55. Especially since they were giving them away for free attracting new customers.

Like I was saying, sometimes it just about perception. Obviously there are other people who feel the same as you.

$5.55 isn’t a bad price for this pizza if that is what you want. Most of my loyal customers love the fact that I give them a much better product and they don’t mind paying extra for the quality I give them. What really gets me are those “price checkers” that call me up wanting to know my specials and then start ranting and raving about how I am crazy and way to expensive when they can drive 10-20 miles and get a “LC” pizza for $3.99. I politely tell them, they can patronize them if they so desire but, I can’t make a pizza for that let alone pay my employees and overhead. That is one thing that really stinks about being the “little” guy, we don’t have the buying power even though we use the same suppliers.

It works at their price point.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor