Little Ceasars

I went into a Little Ceasar’s tonight to try it out… Its been about 10-15 years since I’v stepped foot into one… I ordered their large hot & ready, crazy bread, and 2-liter… Total was under $10… and I was in and out of the store in under 1 minute… I was pretty amazed… They were pretty busy also…

I ate some of the pizza when I got home, and altho it wasn’t anything great… It was filling and did its job for $10…

I sometimes wish my operation was that simple. Carry-Out only. No seating, no bar, no delivery, nothing but pizza & wings. It seems so easy to manage… I can only dream of such an operation… and be busy !!!

i myself stopped at a pizza hut express yesterday ordered a personal pan pep, 2 orders of breadsticks and hit the road none of it had any taste it filled the hole but it sucked :cry: worse yet like 5 exits later there was a good lookin bbq joint :x

I can honestly say that I’ve never had a LC pizza in my life. And I plan to keep it that way. :shock:

I hear ya. Although I would never advise anyone to go up against a price concept like Little Caesars because of their buying and marketing power, I think a slimmed down operation could work. In & Out is a great example. Seems more risk in it because you are cutting off many potential streams of revenue at the outset but on the other you could be so good at it because of your “focussed” efforts on a few simple things. It also seems to me that one would have to be more in love with the “business” aspect of the concept, rather than the food. I think its difficult for a lot of us to keep it real simple because we really enjoy the process of developing a menu and watching the customer’s response.[/i]

I will try any pizza once. I like to sample the competition. If I can get someone else to pay for it, even better.

I can ony imagine the volume they would have to have to make money at that price point. I prefere to sell less pizza for more money A friday night with 100 orders at 27.00 avg ticket price sounds better to me then 270 orders at 10 bucks a pop!

they pretty much run a 50-60 FLC they can run a 12k a week store with just 4 people on a friday night there labor is about 11-13% there food probably runs in the high 30’s so they are making money and can you imagine the low error margin in mistakes probably sell 85% P, S, C pizzas and then you add the stix and wings man they are making money even with a crap product i have a personal friend who loves there pizza because he loves a greasy pie (he wont be here long like that :lol: ) hope all is great you crazy canuk

Ya i guess the add ons do help the bottom line and the system seems to work for them. I just wouldnt want to do that much work to produce the profit I like to work smarter not harder lol. And yes things are going well. Everything ran great while I was in Vegas in fact things went so well my staff said I should stay away more often.

I added a 2-liter of pepsi on to my order for $0.99 … they must get really good pricing on their 2-liters… hell I get charged $1.29 per 2-liter from Coke… I should just goto little ceasars and stock up on pepsi for $0.99 cents a 2-liter :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s a good price for 2 liters. We buy them at super markets because Coke was charging us $1.58 each (including crv). And $1.58 was about 1 1/2 years ago. They also said it didn’t matter how much we buy. We used to stock up big time every time Big Lots, Smart & Final or Food For Less had them on sale for a $1 a piece but I have not seen those prices since October now.

Caesars is equiping a lot of their shops with triple stack XLT 3270 ovens and can produce 300 pizzas per hour.

George Mills