little ceasers

anyone know where the article is on how little ceasers are doing the 1 topping pizza that is ready to pick up?
also could I use something like a holding or proofing cabnit to put say 25 pizzas in that where cooked while I cooked the other 25?

there are many warming cabinets…alto shaam, fwe to name a few…consider getting some good xxl delivery bags & a disk heating system to keep the bags nice & toasty & able to transport them - 2 or 3 bags that hold to might do the trick

Hello Ron

Man I hate Little Ceaser… they mess it up on all of our industry due to their lousey pizza, service and no care to customer. Due to pricing my customer demand to get it same price… and we do it… to stay a flot.

I had read some were that all their franchise were not happy with price point and took them to court… but for now they are growing…let me know any more feed back on them and their oppration.

if they’re “messing” up the industry, they’re make quite a bit of cash…the Ceasar’s might be poor, but its what part of the market wants…

We run an 18" pie, limited hrs, for $10 and combat the local Caesar’s…make new friends and some $$$

SORRY FOR THE CONFUSION what I was asking was how are they accomplishing having the pizza ready when you walk in the store

you can use your POS to track & forecast usage…plus, they use a pass-thru warmer in their remodels…

you can stretch the skins 30 minutes b4 you need them & can top them as well…CiCi’s always has 30-60 pies ready to bake…you can too!